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Green Careers: Exploring Sustainability Job Opportunities in 2024

Businesses are under pressure from both consumers and politicians to be more environmentally focused and sustainable. This shift is not just a trend; it's something we all need to do to take care of our planet. Industries like manufacturing, supply chain, and technical work are right in the middle of this change. They are developing innovative and creative ways to maintain the flow of goods and services we are used to in a globalised economy in a way that’s sustainable and better for the environment. Because of this there is demand for candidates with the skills and expertise within these sectors for sustainability job opportunities in Thailand in 2024.

Promoting Sustainability in Thailand 

Thailand’s government is increasingly committed to improving its environmental sustainability with ambitious targets for 50% of the country’s energy to be supplied by renewables by 2050. Stronger public commitment to sustainable practices is trickling through to industry and business development.  

The Central Bank alongside the financial sector is developing policy designed to create a green financial ecosystem and increase the amount of investment, funding, and resources available for sustainable development across all industries, not just manufacturing, logistics and infrastructure.  

What this means is that green job opportunities and sustainability careers are booming. This list will help you understand the types of sustainability job opportunities available. 

The Role of Chief Sustainability Officer 

With organisations increasingly focused on environmental issues and sustainability, it has become clear that for ESG strategies to work there needs to be clear leadership around these issues. Which is why the role of Chief Sustainability Officer is on the rise.  

CSOs are now about more than just reducing risk and providing positive PR around sustainability. Instead, they take a key strategic role in defining company strategy, designing policy, and engaging with other senior leaders and stakeholders on this issue.  

According to PwC, the number of CSOs tripled in 2021 and this trend shows no sign of slowing. For aspiring and experienced leaders looking for sustainability job opportunities that give them a seat at the boardroom table and the power to enact real change, Chief Sustainability Officer provides that chance.  

Sustainable Manufacturing Jobs 

Many sustainability job opportunities in manufacturing have been focused on Smart processes designed to reduce energy use while increasing efficiency; and exploring renewable energy sources that contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable production environment. There is also a drive to implement circular economy principles promoting the recycling and reusing of materials to reduce waste.  

This transformation has opened new sustainable manufacturing jobs including in-demand roles such as: 

  1. Production Manager 

    Take charge of integrating sustainable practices into manufacturing processes by overseeing and implementing strategies like resource efficiency, waste reduction, and the adoption of green technologies. 
  2. Product Designer 

    Develop and craft products with a focus on environmental sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly materials, optimising energy efficiency, and designing products with a reduced environmental impact. 
  3. Renewable Energy Technician 

    Install, maintain, and repair renewable energy systems, such as solar panels or wind turbines to ensure their efficient operation and the generation of clean and sustainable energy. 
  4. Environmental Compliance Specialist 

    You will monitor operations, conduct audits, and develop strategies so that organisations are able to comply with environmental regulations and standards. 

Sustainable Supply Chain Jobs 

The average consumer company’s supply chain contributes to over 90% of its environmental impact. Advanced logistics technologies – such as route optimisation and real time tracking – alongside hybrid and electric vehicles can reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Sustainable sourcing, packaging and circular economy principles can also encourage a more eco-conscious industry as well as being cost-effective. 

Specific sustainable supply chain jobs include: 

  1. Supply Chain Analyst 

    By analysing supply chain and logistics data you will identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to improve environmental and social impacts throughout the supply chain process. 
  2. Logistics Coordinator

    You will oversee the implementation of transportation methods, sustainable packaging solutions, and green initiatives to achieve efficient movement of goods with minimal ecological footprint. 

  3. Carbon Footprint Analyst 

    By assessing various aspects of operations, conducting emissions inventories, and implementing strategies to reduce carbon footprints, you’ll help companies reach their environmental sustainability goals 
  4. Sustainable Sourcing Specialist 

    By assessing suppliers, establishing criteria, and fostering responsible partnerships you will work to ensure that materials and products are procured from suppliers committed to sustainable and ethical standards. 

Explore more of the skills you’ll need to excel in today’s supply chain and logistics industry.  

Green Careers in Digital Manufacturing  

Using cutting-edge digital technologies – like automation, additive manufacturing, and data analytics – can make for more efficient operations and minimising waste. Digital solutions also promote remote monitoring and control for more efficient resource consumption. 

Specific green job opportunities in digital manufacturing include: 

  1. Digital Manufacturing Engineer

    This role involves optimising manufacturing processes for minimal environmental impact, developing and implementing strategies for energy- and resource-efficient production, and collaborating to integrate sustainability across wider digital manufacturing practices. 
  2. Data Analyst for Smart Manufacturing 

    You will build and predictive analytics to identify opportunities for resource optimisation and equipment maintenance and implement data-driven strategies to reduce waste, energy consumption, and carbon footprint.  
  3. Digital Supply Chain Sustainability Specialist 

    With a focus on integrating digital technologies in the supply chain for sustainability, you will explore and implement blockchain and IoT solutions designed to improve supply chain transparency and reduce environmental impact and collaborate with suppliers and logistics partners to do the same. 
  4. Resource Manager 

    By specialising in identifying and implementing resource-efficient practices in digital manufacturing, you’ll develop and oversee programs to reduce material waste and energy consumption and implement circular economy principles in both design and production. 

Sustainable Careers in Life Sciences 

Companies are increasingly focused on developing sustainable approaches to pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes and green chemistry principles are gaining prominence in drug development and manufacturing. Biotechnologists are exploring processes that reduce resource consumption and waste in lab settings, while researchers are investigating innovative, environmentally conscious drug delivery systems, sustainable sourcing of materials and ethical practices. 

Specific green roles in life sciences and pharmaceuticals include: 

  1. Pharmaceutical Researcher 

    You will research and develop eco-friendly processes for pharmaceutical manufacturing and more sustainable drug delivery systems to reduce environmental impact in drug development. 
  2. Biotechnologist  

    By exploring bio-based alternatives for traditionally resource-intensive processes you will develop, implement, and optimise biotechnological processes and techniques with a focus on sustainability, reducing waste and energy consumption. 
  3. Environmental Health and Safety Specialist 

    You’ll ensure compliance with environmental regulations, develop, and oversee programs for waste reduction and proper disposal and conduct risk assessments to minimise the environmental impact of life sciences facilities. 
  4. Healthcare Planner and Administrator 

    Your focus will be on implementing sustainable practices in healthcare facilities and organisations and collaborating with suppliers to source eco-friendly medical products and equipment. 

Sustainability in Infrastructure 

The push to achieve progress with sustainability in the infrastructure industry begins with key sustainability job opportunities in the production of renewable energy and green energy sources. There has been a major shift from producers and OEM’s to be less reliant on traditional fossil fuels in favour of nuclear, natural gas and green hydrogen as alternatives. Governments and investors have supported this transition too, pushing commitments to solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and other fuel sources like waste to energy. 

Specific sustainability roles in infrastructure include: 

  1. Sustainable Architect and Urban Planner 

    You will design buildings and urban spaces with a focus on energy efficiency using renewables and green building principles like sustainable materials and construction practices. 
  2. Geotechnical Engineer 

    Through soil and rock analysis, foundation design, and risk assessment you’ll assess the stability and properties of the Earth's subsurface for construction projects, ensuring environmentally sound construction, minimising resource depletion, and promoting long-term structural resilience. 
  3. Renewable Energy Project Manager 

    Leading projects focused on the development and implementation of renewable energy infrastructure, you’ll coordinate with stakeholders, oversee construction, and conduct maintenance to ensure successful integration of sustainable energy sources into infrastructure projects. 
  4. Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental (QSHE) Engineer 

    A QSHE Engineer develops and implements quality management systems, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, and addresses environmental concerns by integrating sustainability practices for safer, healthier work environments that minimising environmental impact. 

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