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As Thailand's leading technical recruitment company, we know we play an important role in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and we take that responsibility seriously. Diversity, equality and inclusion (ED&I) will be the building blocks of the future of the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, infrastructure, life sciences and digital technology sectors. At JacksonGrant we pride ourselves on helping our clients and candidates thrive and grow through the power of diversity.

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Build The Right Workforce In 2024 With These New Recruitment and Retention Strategies
Build The Right Workforce In 2024 With These New Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Is your current workforce able to meet and maintain the high standards of growth you set for your business? And can you source and attract the right candidates to overcome potential challenges and achieve new high in 2024?  Rapid advancements in technology, coupled with the changing demands of an uncertain have made hiring and talent retention in the technical, engineering and manufacturing sectors increasingly challenging. As the government continues to court international business investment to meet its target of growing the Thailand’s economy by 5% year on year, the need for candidates with specialised skills is higher than ever and retaining valuable expertise is crucial as businesses aim to stay competitive and innovative.  Only by regularly reviewing and adapting your recruitment and retention strategies can you keep with shifting demands and drive your company’s success forward. How Today’s Job Market Affects Workforce Planning Thailand is exceptionally well-placed to take advantage of global demand for new products and services. As a logistics hub it plays a central role in supply chains across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond and many big name electrical, automotive, and pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing heavily. But taking advantage of this new position is not without its challenges for both local and international businesses. The global supply chain and manufacturing industries are increasingly interconnected and market trends, economic ups-and-downs and political dynamics all have the potential to disrupt trade and production.  The adoption of new technologies, such as machine learning, additive manufacturing and sustainable fuels has increased the demand for specialised skills which local populations may be ill-equipped to meet. The manufacturing and logistics industries are already experiencing a significant digital skills gap. An influx of international businesses from the US, UK and Europe has meant English language skills are also desirable. Companies that fail to be proactive in their search for key skills can face a range of negative consequences such as poor growth, reputational damage, and increased recruitment costs. New Recruitment and Retention Strategies for 2024 Which is why it’s important for businesses to adapt to new trends in hiring and switch up their recruitment and retention strategies as we head into the new year. Who knows what 2024 will bring for your business. Whether you are actively hiring now, or not, these strategies will help you build your reputation as an employer or choice, so when the time comes you can reach the right candidates and keep them happy and engaged:  1. Develop New Talent Pools By diversifying your recruitment channels and building relationships with universities, schools, and professional institutions you can proactively develop talent pipelines that will make your hiring more efficient in the longer term. Establishing partnerships like this helps bridge the gap between you and skilled graduates and broaden your talent search. Organizing industry specific workshops, internships and seminars helps create a pool of candidates with valuable hands-on experience. Candidate’s will also begin to think of you as an employer of choice when it comes to making career moves.  2.    Build Your Employer Brand & Employee Value Proposition How candidates perceive you is an important factor in your recruitment and retention strategy. To begin building your employer brand you should start by creating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that speaks to the candidates you are trying to attract. Focus on what makes your company culture unique, what growth opportunities you offer and your commitment to innovation and employee well-being. To communicate your brand and EVP to candidates you can showcase them on your company website through engaging content such as employee testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and success stories. Actively participating in industry events, sponsoring educational programs and collaborating with the local communities also contribute to a positive employer brand. 3.    Implementing Employee Development and Training Programs To keep up with technological advancements, employees need to acquire new skills and adapt to evolving tools and methodologies. Employers can help this growth by providing effective training initiatives, such as workshops, online courses, and hands-on practical sessions tailored to industry needs. Investing in employee growth and knowledge enhancement not only keeps the workforce competent and prevents skills gaps but also makes talent attraction and retention easier. When employees see a commitment to their professional development, they are more likely to stay with the company, leading to improved retention rates. Moreover, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce attracts equally skilled talent, making your business more appealing to prospective employees. 4.    Benchmarking Your Compensation and Benefits Packages Revitalize your recruitment and retention strategy with salary benchmarking, a vital tool in today's competitive job market. When you understand industry standards and trends in compensation packages, you can align your offerings with market rates, ensuring they remain attractive to top talent. By benchmarking packages against wider compensation trends in the technical, engineering, and manufacturing sectors, as well as other businesses in Thailand you tailor attractive benefits that appeal to skilled professional and fosters loyalty amongst your current employees contributing significantly to your ability to attract, retain, and motivate a high-performing workforce. 5.    Using Workforce Analytics Advanced workforce analytics can identify patterns and trends within your hiring processes, gather intelligence and map the talent market helping you to make more informed decisions. By analysing factors such as employee turnover rates, performance metrics, and demographic data, you gain valuable insights into what drives employee satisfaction and retention. Analytics can also highlight successful hiring channels and predict candidate success based on historical data. This information can help you refine and adapt your recruitment processes, target suitable candidates effectively, and tailor retention initiatives for the best hiring outcomes.  All these strategies are part of JacksonGrant’s innovative Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model that includes the best elements of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Project Recruitment and Executive Search. JacksonGrant works with you as a long-term strategic partner to make your hiring more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Remember, we are as invested in the future of your business as you are and RaaS is designed to ensure you always have the skilled, motivated, and dedicated team you need to thrive in the years to come. As Thailand's leading Industrial, Supply Chain & Logistics recruitment agency, we can support your expansion into Thailand and Southeast Asia and help you hire experienced, technically proficient, English-speaking candidates. Learn more about JacksonGrant’s innovative service offering or get in touch to discuss your requirements

Supply Chain Innovation: The Skills You Need to Thrive in Today's Market
Supply Chain Innovation: The Skills You Need to Thrive in Today's Market

Thailand has a vibrant and innovative supply chain and logistics sector that, thanks to foreign and government investment, has quickly adapted to changing market conditions. Exciting infrastructure and technology projects like TMX Global’s metaverse and the Laem Chabang port development upgrade mean that the region continues to be an attractive one for supply chain and logistics businesses and professionals alike. But, if this growth is to continue, companies will need to attract and retain candidates with the logistics and supply chain management skills capable of taking them into the future.  Logistics & Supply Chain Management Skills for 2024 With that in mind, let’s explore the most impactful logistics and supply chain management skills companies will be looking for to succeed in the year ahead: •    Data and Analytics As data becomes more embedded into everyday business practices, companies will be hoping to use the information they can gather to increase supply chain resilience and drive other innovations like sustainability, responsible sourcing, traceability, and real-time tracking. For this reason, it is increasingly important that data is clean and well governed. Companies should be looking for candidates with exceptional data management skills across the board as well as predictive analytics experts with an in-depth knowledge of regulations and data compliance issues.   •    Artificial Intelligence Digitalisation in shipping and supply chain continues with AI and automation set to improve real-time tracking and visibility. While larger shipping and logistics companies went digital faster, this year we’ll see this become a reality for smaller boutique companies. To do so they’ll need employees with well-rounded digital skillsets that include automation, AI, machine learning and robotics.  •    ERG and Sustainability Following COP26 there is increasing pressure on international supply chain, logistics and shipping industries to achieve net-zero by 2050. If the sector is to achieve that goal and meet ambitious emissions targets set by the Thai government then businesses will have to adopt greener business practices such as paperless shipping, circular supply chains and green fuels. Also, warehouse facilities will need to be run more sustainably, reducing energy usage and with more focus on renewable energy sources. As a result, leading employers will be looking for candidates with skills in electrical engineering, supply chain management and experience with electric vehicles and alternative fuels. So far, we’ve looked at the technical skills needed for logistics and supply chain management. But soft skills will be valuable going forward as well. Skills like: •    Collaboration Changes to supply chains, a need for real-time tracking and visibility and more consumer demand for faster shipping and delivery requires greater collaboration with suppliers, co-manufacturers, customers, carriers, and distributors. Professionals will need excellent time-management and team working skills to develop collaborative workflows and unify processes and systems to reduce errors and inefficiencies, lower costs and eliminate information time lags.  •    Problem-solvingAn ability to troubleshoot and find innovative solutions is invaluable in optimizing supply chain processes and maintaining seamless logistics operations. Complex challenges and unexpected issues such as delivery delays or inventory discrepancies are inevitable. Individuals’ who are adept at problem-solving can identify issues, discover the root causes, and implement effective solutions, ensuring streamlined operations and customer satisfaction. •    AdaptabilityAs we all know the global supply chain can be affected by everything from economic fluctuations, political events and even the weather. Adaptable individuals can swiftly adjust to new tools, methodologies, and market trends and thrive in dynamic environments. Their flexibility means they can embrace change, adjusting strategies promptly and ensuring that supply chain operations remain agile and responsive to evolving customer demands and industry trends, fostering resilience and long-term success. How To Develop These Skills & Improve Your CV For supply chain and logistics professionals who want to keep their skills and expertise up to date here are four key pieces of advice for how to develop new skills and improve your CV: Go through your current CV and look for any gaps or differences between your skillset and the new skills employers are looking for. Research potential learning opportunities like courses, online tutorials, podcasts, forums, or professional associations and sign up! Talk to your current line manager and ask for opportunities to develop key soft skills or take on more responsibility in your current role. You might put yourself forward for a project, offer to onboard a new colleague or even shadow a different department. Seek out a mentor in your field of interest who can share their experiences, provide guidance and support, and help you navigate your personal development. How To Spot Candidates With The Right Skills Identifying candidates with the right skills is essential for any employer. When reviewing CVs and conducting interviews, consider the following strategies to spot candidates with the right skills: Use relevant keywords in your job description Rather than just listing the responsibilities of a role, use relevant keywords in your job descriptions. This will help the right candidates find the role and you can screen their CVs for matching keywords. Consider skills-based hiring methodsSkills-based hiring techniques involve using structured interview questions to determine whether candidates are able to apply their knowledge to real-world or industry specific situations.  Target specific talent pools and passive candidatesIf you are struggling to attract candidates with the skills that match your needs you might consider expanding your search into new or overlooked talent pools, or using new sourcing methods such as targeting candidates who are not actively job hunting or asking your current workforce for referrals.  Look for candidates who are proactive about professional developmentEven if a candidate does not have all the skills you are looking for, those who have shown a proactive approach to their own professional development are more likely to learn new skills and adapt to changing technologies and ways of working. Hiring Or Applying for Supply Chain and Logistics Roles? As Thailand's leading Industrial, Supply Chain & Logistics recruitment agency, we connect business with experienced, technically proficient, English-speaking candidates across Thailand and Southeast Asia. Whether you’re a supply chain employer or a candidate, we can help you take advantage of the current market, grow your business, or progress your career.  Learn more about JacksonGrant’s innovative service offering, find a new role, or get in touch with a consultant to discuss your needs.

Words To Live By: “Do More With Less” Efficiency is the hallmark of a good recruiter
Words To Live By: “Do More With Less” Efficiency is the hallmark of a good recruiter

By Sureeporn ‘Pui’ Thumvachiraporn, JacksonGrant Director of Customer Success We’ve painted motivational quotes on the walls of our office at JacksonGrant. The slogan "Do More with Less" appeals to me the most. In today's fast-paced world, effective time management is a crucial skill. It is especially relevant to recruiting. Use Your Time Wisely Speed is important: recruiting is race, and the most efficient recruiter will win. Recruiters are in constant competition with other agencies to find the best short-list candidates. Richard Jackson, our managing director, wants us all to work more efficiently so that we spend less time searching for candidates, and more time closing placements. If a recruiter knows exactly what kind of candidate we need to find, and if the job description is precisely written, it will save time sorting through candidate resumès. If we narrow down the pool of target resumes, we may short-list fewer candidates than the competition. But if we are confident that we have three or four really strong candidates who are qualified for the position and a good fit for the client, that’s enough. By narrowing the field, we save time on every job search. That is time saved for the recruiter, for our company, and the client. By working more efficiently in this way, we’ll have more time to search for other positions, and by year’s end we will place more candidates. Efficient work habits have a cumulative effect, and ultimately lead to greater success. How to Work More Efficiently The “Do More With Less” philosophy encourages us to find ways to increase productivity without burning ourselves out. Here are a four practical techniques to help you become more efficient and organised. Make a To-Do List: One of the most fundamental techniques for efficient time management is composing a to-do list. Write down the tasks you need to accomplish each day and allocate specific time slots for each task. This simple practice helps prioritise the most urgent tasks, and identify the jobs that need immediate attention. For tasks that require a significant amount of time, consider breaking them down into smaller, more manageable segments.  Focus on Your Strengths: Begin your day by tackling tasks that align with your strengths and interests. You will complete these tasks more quickly, and it will build momentum with a feeling of satisfaction. Once you've successfully completed the items that fall within your comfort zone, you'll find that you have more time and mental energy to tackle more challenging endeavours. This step-by-step approach keeps you motivated and boosts overall productivity. Prioritise Important Tasks: The most urgent and important tasks must be prioritised above all others. Dedicate your full attention, energy, and time to the most critical aspects of your job. Focusing our efforts can lead to significant achievements and positive changes in your work habits. Start your day by tackling high-priority matters and leaving less crucial items for later. This way, we ensure that we handle our most important responsibilities when we are fresh and most focused.  Utilise Technology for Greater Efficiency: Embrace technology! It’s a valuable tool to organise and manage our workload. Calendars, task management apps, and other digital tools can significantly streamline your workflow. Set reminders and use automated features to make sure nothing is overlooked. This tech-savvy approach helps you stay on top of your responsibilities and allocates your time effectively. Work Smarter Productivity isn't solely about working harder, it's about working smarter. If you work smarter, you can still have time for yourself, and achieve a healthier work-life balance. The "Do More with Less" approach helps us set priorities: leverage your strengths, tackle important tasks first, and utilise technology to increase efficiency. By incorporating these straightforward techniques into your routine, you can strike a balance between professional success and a fulfilling personal life. True success lies in effective work, not just hard work. Prioritise wisely, and you will see a significant boost in your productivity levels. Do you need help filling an important role with your company? We can help with all your recruitment needs. Please reach out to me sureeporn@jacksongrant.io

Look Before You Leap!
Look Before You Leap!

Maximise your chances of success: Before you start looking for a new job, think it over carefully. Make a plan first, to ensure a smooth transition and a happy outcome. It’s important to be proactive about any career moves you intend to make. In fact, you should prepare for the job-hunting process long before you begin to search for new opportunities. Establishing a relationship with a recruiter you trust and get along with will help immensely in this regard. It is a major advantage if your recruiter specializes in your industry sector or job function, as they will know about trends and new opportunities. Ask the Right Questions If you are unsatisfied at your current job, you need to be aware of what precisely is the source of your discontent. Think about what you want to change. What do you want? Or, quite often it is more to the point to ask yourself: What don’t you want? Find out if it is possible to achieve your goals where you are working now. If you can get what you want at your current job, you should consider staying put. It is advisable to explore the possibilities for career advancement internally before looking elsewhere. This may involve putting out some discreet feelers with colleagues to ascertain where you stand with management, to determine if you are pushing up against a glass ceiling, or if there may be a new project on the horizon that could be interesting and make it worthwhile to stay a bit longer. Talk it Over with Your Manager Depending on your situation, it may be possible to have a frank conversation with your manager about future prospects. If circumstances allow, you could approach your boss. Explain that you’re feeling unchallenged, and ask: what does the roadmap look like for me, in next six months to one year? You might be pleasantly surprised: If they want to keep you, the company may accommodate your request for a more challenging assignment. This is a delicate manoeuvre, and it’s not for everyone. I certainly am not suggesting you tell your manager that you are looking for the exit. That could have unintended consequences that may not benefit you. But if you have a solid relationship with your boss, and you are confident about your position in the company, it could be helpful. Don’t give an ultimatum, or tip your hand: just try to get insights that will help you make a more informed decision about your future. Once you’ve done this, you’ll at least have more clarity about your future prospects. And you’ll have a better idea about whether it’s time to leave. If your current employer can’t give you what you want, it’s time to make a move. Put Pen to Paper First and foremost, candidates should be clear – with themselves – about what is negotiable and non-negotiable. I recommend writing down what you want and don’t want. What are the elements your new job must have, and what do you refuse to accept? Often, you’ll find some items on the list are contradictory. Many times, a candidate has told me they’re willing to commute up to 1.5 hours for the right salary. A few moments later they’ll be talking about the importance of a work-life balance. Reach Out to a Recruiter Quite often I will meet with prospective candidates whom I may have spoken with on the phone a few times. After a long cup of coffee, we may decide the best thing to do is stay at their current job. That doesn’t mean we’ve wasted our time. The relationship we’ve established can be used in the future. A lot of placements I make are for candidates who I’ve known for a year or more. I check in with them routinely. We discuss how things are going with their career, with their personal lives. I let them know about developments and opportunities in their particular industry. Again, this gives us a higher degree of clarity: when the time comes to make a move, when an opportunity presents itself, we’ll know the time is right, and there won’t be any second-guessing. Maybe a prospect will be in line for a promotion or a new project at his current position. I’ll say: “Ok that sounds great. Finish managing that project successfully, then let’s talk after 6 months.” When the project is completed, maybe that person has more skills, and their resume looks more impressive. Alternatively, maybe things didn’t work out as they hoped; now they definitely know the time has come to look for a new job. Find a recruiter you like, who makes you feel comfortable. They should specialise in finding jobs for people with your skill set, or in your industry. Make a plan with your recruiter, and a timeline. Establish clear parameters of what you are looking for. Update your CV. Discuss what you are looking for, in terms of salary expectation, work culture, career advancement. Make sure that what you’re looking for is realistic. A recruiter with specialised knowledge of your particular industry can confirm whether your expectations are reasonable and achievable given present market conditions. Plan and Prepare for the Job-Seeking Process Here’s what doesn’t work, but it happens all too often: A candidate has a bad day at work. They’ll go online and browse job boards, apply for a few positions. Maybe they get an interview. Afterwards, they get an offer that they’re not fully prepared to consider. Then it becomes a case of ‘What do I do now?’ It’s important to plan to achieve the desired result. If candidates prepare themselves to go through the process, that planning will inevitably create more successful outcomes, both in terms of achieving long-term success in a new job, as well as making the transition a lot easier. A competent recruiter can help with interview preparation, salary negotiation, how to handle the timing of your resignation from your old job, and prepare you for the onboarding process for your new role. The entire process of changing jobs is stressful. It puts us through emotional upheaval. This is part of what a recruiter can help with. For us, this is familiar territory, we deal with it every day. You need someone to accompany you on this path. Trust me, you don’t want to go it alone. It is daunting and potentially disruptive to your life. You’ll need support along the way, both from family, friends and a professional recruiter. If you think it may be time to make a career move, please reach out me to me on LinkedIn.

5 Narcissistic traits that help me as a recruiter
5 Narcissistic traits that help me as a recruiter

While reading Greg Savage’s book there was a statement made which really stood out to me which said that the best recruiters are obsessed with making the perfect match. They are not concerned primarily about the money that they will make nor are they totally concerned about closing the job as quickly as possible but they are obsessed about getting the right candidate for the client and helping the candidate to choose the best path for their career. When I read this it really resonated with me as this is my primary approach to all recruitment activities that I do. I realized that I am indeed obsessed with finding this match. Why you may ask? For this you need to delve deeper into the psyche of the recruiter; in this instance it’s me. Truthfully speaking I have several traits of a narcissist. Luckily these traits are not dominated in the negative aspect the first trait I have is: 1.   The need for control I want to be the best. I want to be right. I want to be the most competent. I want to do everything the correct way. I want to own the process and I want to have a sense of control in the recruitment process. Actually, I want total control of the process. Why? I believe that if I have full control of the process I can make sure that the process is completed in a correct manner. 2.   The need for perfection The second trait that I have is that I want everything to be perfect! I want the events to happen as I expect them to and I want the situation to play out precisely as I envision. To make sure that this happens it is imperative that I complete my work correctly which includes research, market mapping, candidate approach, candidate introduction, candidate behavior based interviews and really analyzing the candidates motivations and the motivation to accept an opportunity.  3.     Being afraid of being ridiculed The third trait that I have is I'm afraid of being ridiculed, rejected, being wrong or somebody betraying me. This is one of the other reasons why I'm so meticulous in the work that I do.  4.     Self importance When I do a good job and the client is happy with what I've done plus making the candidate very happy in their career choice this gives me an overall feeling of self-importance. I know this sounds really negative but it makes me feel good and this is what really gives me the motivation to keep on recruiting. It's almost like a drug and it's one that I always enjoy taking.  5.   Disconnect emotionally The final trait that I have as a narcissist is the ability to disconnect emotionally with the work that I do. For example, if things go wrong I'm able to see the logic in it not the emotion in it and move on quickly to find the next win. I can analyse where it went wrong and I care about correcting any mistakes.  Are these the traits of a top billing recruiter? How many out there in recruitment can identify with these? Who thinks these are negative?  For more follow me on Linkedin and the JacksonGrant website at https://www.jacksongrant.io/.

Revolutionising Talent Acquisition: The Advantages of Recruitment-as-a-Service
Revolutionising Talent Acquisition: The Advantages of Recruitment-as-a-Service

Is your traditional recruitment model  failing to help you source the candidates and skills you need for success? Maybe the skills you are hiring for are changing - 53% of business leaders are expanding into new markets requiring new skills and expertise. Or perhaps, like 28% of Thai businesses, you are looking to expand your workforce this year?  Enter Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS), a transformative concept that offers a tailored solution to these challenges. JacksonGrant’s RaaS solution is an exclusive partnership that offers a holistic and comprehensive talent acquisition strategy, personalised to your unique needs.  Our Recruitment-as-a-Service solution provides our partners with a fully embedded talent solution that provides more efficient, cost-effective talent acquisition. In fact, our clients have saved 50%+ on existing recruitment support, reduced time-to-fill to less than 20 days and increased stick rates to over 85%. All while receiving strategic talent acquisition support and market mapping designed to build sustainable talent pools. What is Recruitment-as-a-Service? JacksonGrant’s Recruitment-as-a-Service model combines elements of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Project Recruitment and Executive Search. This means we not only provide all the services outsourcing your recruitment would be expected to provide – sourcing and assessing applicants, managing the interview process, and communicating with successful candidates – but we use our expertise and tech stack to create a long-term recruitment strategy that supports your business into the future. You’ll also receive:   A dedicated account manager to provide strategic input  Access to a team of recruiters 100% focused on your requirements  Flexible KPIs based on your needs  Customisable commercial terms and fee structures Regular review meetings for feedback Data analytics pinpointing areas for improvement We always seek to integrate our industry insights, market know-how and best practice with analytics that make your hiring more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Meaning you can always find the talent you need.  6 Advantages Recruitment-as-a-Service can bring to your business  Simply sourcing and attracting talent is only one benefit of RaaS. This innovative recruitment model can bring other advantages too, such as: 1.    Cost reductionWhen partnering with a RaaS provider, you benefit from a more efficient and streamlined hiring process. Dedicated recruiters work exclusively on your talent acquisition needs, ensuring a concentrated effort to find the best-fit candidates. This eliminates the need to engage multiple agencies or maintain an in-house recruitment team, both of which can be costly endeavours. As a result, RaaS not only minimises the expenses associated with various recruitment methods but also maximizes your return on investment by efficiently securing top talent. 2.    Time savingsWith exclusive focus on your talent acquisition needs, RaaS providers can quickly source, screen, and onboard candidates, effectively shortening the time-to-hire. This agility is especially valuable for filling critical roles promptly, ensuring that your organisation can adapt to changing market demands, capitalise on growth opportunities, and maintain optimal staffing levels. Ultimately, RaaS empowers your business with the efficiency needed to secure talent without unnecessary delays, make you more agile and competitive in your industry. 3.    ScalabilityWhether you find yourself in a growth phase, requiring rapid expansion of your workforce, or facing the need for downsizing due to market fluctuations, a RaaS partnership can seamlessly adapt to meet your evolving staffing needs. This adaptability is a game-changer, as it allows you to respond quickly to changing market conditions without the headache of reconfiguring your recruitment strategy or engaging in lengthy hiring processes. With RaaS, you can efficiently scale your recruitment efforts up or down as required, ensuring that your workforce remains agile and perfectly aligned with your business goals. 4.    Better quality of hireBecause RaaS providers meticulously tailor their candidate searches to align with the unique culture, values, and specific requirements of your business you receive a pool of candidates who not only possess the right technical skills but also exhibit a strong cultural fit, driving higher employee retention rates and overall job satisfaction. This personalised approach to recruitment alongside the screening processes used ensures that candidates are thoroughly vetted, leading to better-quality employees who will positively impact company performance and long-term success. 5.    Access to expertise Collaborating with a Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) provider opens the door to a wealth of recruitment expertise and cutting-edge technology. Seasoned recruiters with an in-depth understanding of your industry's unique talent landscape are more successful in identifying and attracting candidates who not only meet your technical requirements but also align seamlessly with your company culture. At JacksonGrant we are also able to leverage advanced recruitment technologies, from AI-driven applicant tracking systems to data analytics tools, to enhance the efficiency and precision of your hiring process. 6.    Focus on core competenciesEntrusting talent acquisition to RaaS expert allows your HR team to redirect their energy and time towards critical areas like employee development and retention. This strategic shift not only enhances the overall effectiveness of your organisation but also enables your business to concentrate on its core competencies, whether that's innovating products, improving customer service, or expanding into new markets. In doing so, you optimise your operational efficiency and achieve a competitive edge, as your dedicated RaaS partner handles your talent acquisition with precision. The benefits of reduced costs, time savings, scalability, specialised expertise, and enhanced quality of hire paint a compelling picture for businesses seeking to stay competitive in Thailand’s competitive talent acquisition market. As the demands for top-quality talent continue to grow, partnering with a dedicated RaaS provider can be a strategic game-changer. It not only streamlines the recruitment process but also empowers you to focus on your core strategic functions. To thrive in the ever-competitive marketplace, consider JacksonGrant as your trusted talent acquisition partner. Embrace the future of recruitment and unlock your organisation's potential for growth and success. As Thailand's leading engineering and technical recruitment agency, we can support your expansion into Thailand and Southeast Asia and help you hire experienced, technically proficient, English-speaking candidates. Learn more about JacksonGrant’s innovative service offering or get in touch to discuss your requirements


Supporting Our Clients' Future

Our team of expert consultants are keen promoters of equality, diversity & inclusion in the workplace and offer our client partners support with ED&I enquiries and work closely with them to provide bespoke ED&I solutions and services to help them meet their commitments. Through our expertise we help our clients attract and retain diverse talent at every level of their organisation, creating a diversity of thought and approach that will succeed as the technical industries continue to evolve.

DB Schenker
Rhenus Logistics
Schneider Electric

Providing Confidence for
Our Candidates

Candidates can be confident that they will be treated fairly and with respect. We shortlist professionals based on their skills and competencies and in alignment with each individual role's job description and role requirements, creating a fairer world and an equal playing field. At JacksonGrant we strive to attract diverse applicants and to support and strengthen the communities in which we live and do business.

Rhenus Logistics Co., Ltd.

JacksonGrant understands the logistics business. The company’s excellent network and consultative approach has ensured it is a vital business partner for our growth in Thailand & SE Asia. JacksonGrant’s groundbreaking RaaS solution has revolutionised our talent acquisition strategy. Having ongoing access to the full range of the JacksonGrant team’s experience means we can always get the right solution.

East-West Seed International Limited

I have been working with JacksonGrant both as a candidate and a client.

JacksonGrant has a distinctive approach to executive search: they strive to understand both the client’s and candidates’ cultures, expectations and motivations by establishing a close personal relationship with all parties. JacksonGrant genuinely cares for a mutually beneficial outcome. Besides, I was personally always impressed by the follow up post placement. I warmly recommend JacksonGrant as a very reliable and professional partner in executive search.

Cushman & Wakefield Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Since becoming our approved recruitment partner, JacksonGrant has has consistently impressed me with their holistic approach to recruitment and HR support. The consultants are always quick to respond and their specialist understanding of our industry ensures we were able to quickly hire candidates with the right fit for our business. JacksonGrant ask the right questions and look to add value at every stage of the process.

It is my pleasure to recommend JacksonGrant to any company looking for professional recruitment support in Thailand.

Lumentum International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

As our company grows in Asia and especially in Thailand, it has been a true customer experience to work with JacksonGrant whilst going through the process of searching, filtering and appointing a senior executive.

JacksonGrant was able to quickly understand our needs very precisely, mainly because of their experience and practical understanding of the roles. We have a very successful partnership with JacksonGrant on all our professional opportunities in line with our strategy of growth.

JacksonGrant is able to take a lot of the heavy lifting from our shoulders to allow us to focus on the needs of the business in order to get the right mix of talent either locally or from their worldwide network.

As we move forward in our growth model, JacksonGrant will be in step with us, advising and supporting our challenges in executive recruitment.

Stanley Black & Decker Inc

JacksonGrant has helped Stanley Black & Decker fill several key engineering positions in Thailand over the last few years. JacksonGrant’s attention to detail, their understanding of our business needs and their access to excellent candidates has made them a key partner to the development and growth of our business.

DB Schenker

I have worked with JacksonGrant for a number of years and during this time they have successfully identified several key people for our company from middle management to executive Country & Cluster leadership

As one of the leading global logistics providers, we require employees with a combination of multicultural skillsets, languages and attitudes. JacksonGrant’s network of local Thai and expatriate logistics professionals in SE Asia is exceptional and allows them to access candidates with specific technical skillsets when required. They are experts in their field and this market knowledge empowers their recruitment support.

JacksonGrant has a very personal and friendly approach to business and offer a supportive, motivating and highly professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others looking for recruitment support.

Datapath Ltd

We have worked with JacksonGrant for recruiting senior sales roles to cover Southeast Asia, our engagements are always smoothly and successfully executed.

On each occasion, JacksonGrant impressed us with their responsiveness, professionalism, speed, pragmatism, transparency, and general ‘ease of working together’ throughout the process – from understanding our business and our target candidate profile, identifying and introducing appropriate candidates, arranging interviews and ‘backchannel’ liaising with candidates, and appropriately advising on expectations and next best steps. 

I would not hesitate to work with JacksonGrant for any future recruitment needs, and can confidently recommend JacksonGrant to anyone seeking recruitment services in the region.

KSB Pumps CO. Ltd.

I have worked with JacksonGrant for over eight years, whilst leading two different technology companies. Throughout this time, JacksonGrant has demonstrated experience and domain knowledge from support staff to front line technical and commercial leadership. We look forward to continuing a long-term partnership with JacksonGrant.

Diversey Holdings, Ltd.

When operating in the Thailand job market with 0.5% unemployment rates and millennials dominating the work space, having a reliable recruitment partner is paramount to the success of any business. That’s what we found in JacksonGrant. 

JacksonGrant spent time understanding the nuances of our business and the requirements for each job and they were able to provide us with good quality candidates, almost instantly. This is especially true for mid to senior level jobs. It’s a pleasure working with this team that blossoms everyday under Richard’s leadership.

Championing Our Own Employees

At JacksonGrant we believe that every one of our employees deserves the opportunity to have their voices heard and the opportunity to make an impact. We strive to promote inclusive leadership, mentors and role models and provide ED&I training that empowers individuals and gives them a deeper understanding and increased awareness of unconscious bias.