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As Thailand's leading technical recruitment company, we know we play an important role in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and we take that responsibility seriously. Diversity, equality and inclusion (ED&I) will be the building blocks of the future of the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, infrastructure, life sciences and digital technology sectors. At JacksonGrant we pride ourselves on helping our clients and candidates thrive and grow through the power of diversity.

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Is Your CV Strong Enough to Secure Your Next Role? How to Improve Your CV
Is Your CV Strong Enough to Secure Your Next Role? How to Improve Your CV

Digital transformations and changes to the way businesses work across Thailand have deeply affected the skills and competencies employers are on the hunt for in candidates. Employers are looking for highly-skilled candidates with technical skills and competencies but what those technical skills involve is changing. Looking beyond technical ability, to be a top candidate you should also be demonstrating in-demand soft skills, emotional intelligence and inter-cultural sensitivity, to boost your resume.In-demand skills to boost your resumeFuture employers in the technical, engineering, manufacturing and logistics sectors in Thailand are looking for highly-motivated candidates with leadership abilities and a creative mindset. As a candidate, you need to be a well-rounded individual who not only has excellent technical ability but possesses strong soft skills too. Here are five of the top in-demand skills sought by employers in the current market you should be demonstrating :1. Leadership skillsHaving leadership ability is crucial if you are looking for senior level roles, however, they are also highly sought after by employers whatever your role. Employers are looking for individuals at every level who lead by example, foster a sense of community culture and are inspired by the company vision.There are leadership resources available, such as books and online courses, but you can take steps in your current role to practice your leadership skills. Put yourself forward to lead a project, find a leadership mentor, and practice active listening and problem solving.2. Intercultural intelligence Employers in the engineering and technical industries in Thailand are generally looking for candidates with a good, demonstrable English skills, particularly business English at senior levels to help to facilitate overseas business. But beyond an understanding of English top candidates demonstrating inter-cultural intelligence and empathy skills will be highly sought after. Intercultural intelligence is the ability to bridge cultural divides and avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications that may affect business outcomes. High levels of intercultural intelligence and empathy are crucial in today’s global business world. You can demonstrate intercultural intelligence to employers by discussing times you have worked cross-culturally and your experiences of other cultures.3. Self-motivationEmployers want candidates who are proven self-starters, who are passionate, motivated to take on tasks and who are willing to invest time in their own development. You can show this by being proactive in seeking out challenges and anticipating important tasks as well as demonstrating that you have independently worked on your skills.4. Innovation & creativity Businesses across the technological and manufacturing sectors are seeking candidates who can solve problems creatively and come up with innovative products and solutions. Broaden your knowledge, analyse products and applications you interact with daily and brainstorm solutions and ideas to improve them.5. Unlearning!In the modern business world change is rapid. Whether it is changes to market conditions, unforeseen global events or technological advances our skills can rapidly become outdated and replaced with new ways of working. Top candidates need to demonstrate that they are aware of advancements, keep on top of trends and have the ability to manage rapid transitions and new methodologies.You can show this in your CV by giving examples of new skills you have developed, that you are aware of industry trends and are active in your community and that you have experience of managing change and keeping teams aligned and moving forward in your current role.How to improve a CVBut how can you identify any areas where you need to upskill to ensure that you have the skills employers want? And how can you make sure your skills and abilities come across to hiring managers and employers?Take the following steps to ensure you have the skills employers want and that those skills are showcased in an eye-catching CV:Compare your current skills against industry requirementsTake a quick look at the descriptions and requirements for jobs similar to your current role, or for your dream position, and compare what employers are looking for with your skill set. You can also look at industry trends to see what skills will be in demand going forward. This will show you what skills you already have, any areas need to focus on and give you a benchmark of excellence to work towards.Identify areas you can upskill inOnce you know what skills are in high demand in your industry and where your current skills are sitting, you can prioritise areas you want to work on. You may not have the time or resources to address every skill at once but choose one or two to focus on.Customize your CV based on the job description It may seem time consuming to adjust your CV for every application you submit. But taking the time to pick out key phrases, competencies and power words from the job description will help your CV stand out and show you fully understand what the employer is looking for and how you fit that brief.Summarize your skills and key accomplishmentsThe average hiring manager spends 6-7 seconds looking at a resume. That’s right, seconds! This means you must get their attention quickly. Start your CV with a quick summary of your skills, technical abilities, and accomplishments to grab their attention. Make sure that you put any skills and keywords from the job description here too.Focus on resultsDon’t just list responsibilities. Emphasise your successes with quantifiable results and data. For example: Led a team of ten employees and implemented new work management software that led to an increase in efficiency and a 20% increase in sales revenue. Highlight your personal developmentFocus on what you have learned from your past positions and show how you have advanced your skills and experience through self-motivated personal development. This shows your commitment to your development and willingness to learn new skills.Show your industry insight and connectionsDemonstrating that you are familiar with industry news, trends and changes will show employers you have industry knowledge and an interest in your sector. By showing your networking ability you show valuable communication skills.Find your next job in the technical industries with JacksonGrantAre you ready to take advantage of the current market and find your next role in the technical industries? Maybe you're looking to take on more responsibility and progress your career?There are many reasons to consider looking for a new job, why not check out our most recent vacancies and start your journey?Find your new role today.

6 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Get A New Job in Thailand
6 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Get A New Job in Thailand

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in your current job, then you probably can’t imagine yourself working for another company. As time goes by, it becomes harder and harder for you to figure out when the right time is to make a switch in your career. However, taking the next step at the right time can lead you to increased compensation, greater career progression, and several other benefits. It's time to get a new job in Thailand!With that said, it can be hard to figure out when the “right time” is. For many people, the question of “should I stay, or should I go?” is one of the hardest questions they can answer. In this article, we’re going to help you determine if you should consider taking the next step in your career.When should you look for a new job? Six signs it’s time to find a new role:Determining whether or not it's time to take the next step in your career is hard. After all, having a stable job is very comfortable and comes with a lot of benefits, so why consider leaving in the first place? While that is a completely valid argument, there are times when you might need to look for a new job to bring yourself new career progression opportunities, a better working environment, and even a higher salary.So, if you feel like you’re on the edge and aren’t quite sure whether or not you should start looking for a new role, we have six signs that it’s time for you to start looking for a new job.1. Your current role lacks progression opportunitiesIt’s always important to look to the future and know what your next step is going to be. Making consistent steps in your career over the years is the key to reaching your professional goals. So, if you see that your current career doesn’t offer enough options for progression, that alone is a big sign that you should leave and seek a new role.This doesn’t mean that your current employer is bad. Rather, it means that you have given your employer everything you have to offer and it’s time for the next step forward. The consultants at JacksonGrant are experts in connecting candidates looking for development opportunities with employers that have a culture of investment in their employee’s and who offer excellent skills training.2. You're being paid less than you're worth in the current marketOne thing to keep in mind about the jobs market in Thailand is that it goes through constant changes - and that often impacts the salary professionals within their respective fields are compensated.If you’ve been working in your current role for a while, you are probably much better at your job but have also capped out your career progression within the company. And while that’s good - it doesn’t mean that you’re being paid what the current market can offer you.As a result of that, every now and again, it’s worth checking out the salary range that you could potentially secure in the current market, and if your current job isn’t paying as well, that is a big sign to start looking for a new role.3. You haven't learnt a new skill or technology in the last 6 monthsStagnation at the workplace is one of the worst phases an employee can ever go through. And if you haven’t learned a new skill or how to use a new piece of technology relevant to your industry recently - then you should probably leave your current employer and seek a new and more challenging working environment that will help you grow as a professional.If you are looking for roles in your industry that will challenge you and help you grow in your chosen profession then a specialist recruiter can help. At JacksonGrant our consultants listen to what you want, expect and need from your job role and use our industry connections and experience to match you with employers that offer exciting opportunities.4. Your current role disrupts your work-life balance causing stress or burnoutIt’s important to keep your work life and personal life in balance. If you believe that you can’t stop thinking about work and the job is becoming too stressful for you, you risk burning out. Burnout can lead to a lot of health problems and could be a sign that you need to take a step back and reconsider your career.Your job may have felt fine at the start. But if you were slowly given more responsibilities that are getting in the way of your personal life, then there’s nothing wrong with leaving your job for something better.5. Your skills are in high demand right nowIf you find that your skills are in-demand, there’s a high chance another employer would compensate you much better and offer better benefits in exchange for your skills compared to your current employer. As mentioned earlier, the job market is constantly changing, and if you’ve been in the same job for a while, it’s worth doing some research and seeing if the demand for professionals in your industry has increased. And if it has, that might be one sign that you should look for a new job.If you have skills that are in high demand from employers it can be difficult to sort through opportunities and find those most relevant to your skills, experience, and expectations. A specialist recruiter such as JacksonGrant can do that for you meaning you only spend time applying for roles that are right for you. 6. There are more opportunities to progress your career as technical industries expandSometimes, taking a step away from your current employer is the right decision if you want to progress. Manufacturing, engineering, digital, automotive and many other industries are on the rise right now in Thailand, which opens the doors to many different opportunities. And if you feel like you can succeed in these emerging industries, you might want to consider taking the next step in your career.What is the average time to find a new job?Even with all these emerging industries, it can take a while to find the right job. In our experience, it can take a person an average of three to six months to land a new job, even if they have the skills, experience, and qualifications for it.But there are ways to make it easier.Instead of finding all these companies and employers yourself, you can submit your qualifications and preferences to a recruiter. From there, the recruiter will find potential matches for you, so you won’t have to spend your time looking for your next job.Find your next job in the technical industries with JacksonGrantAre you ready to take advantage of the current market and find your next role in the technical industries? Maybe you're looking to take on more responsibility and progress your career?There are many reasons to consider looking for a new job, why not check out our most recent vacancies and start your journey?Find your new role today.

Introducing : JacksonGrant
Introducing : JacksonGrant

2022 has been an incredible year for our business, culminating in being awarded Outstanding Small Company of 2022 at the BCCT King Power Thailand Business Awards (TIBA). Having also celebrated the milestone of our ten-year anniversary, we realised that we wanted to continue to build upon our success in new ways.As a result of this reflection, we’ve set about making some changes to better demonstrate our service offering, culture, ambitions and goals. We hope that many of those changes will become clear over time through our continued dedication to providing the highest levels of service for both our clients and candidates.One of the largest changes we’re making is the adoption of a new name for the business. We are proud to introduce our new name, JacksonGrant.Why we’ve changed our nameThe landscape of recruitment in Thailand has changed dramatically since we opened our doors in 2012. The adoption of new technologies and an increased focus on candidate experience and engagement has meant recruiters have to speed up the recruitment process and has changed the way we build relationships with both clients and candidates.Throughout all these changes, the partnership between our MD, Richard Jackson, and Director of Recruitment Operations, Alex Grant, has been one of our greatest strengths. Richard’s exceptional understanding of the Thai recruitment market has been complemented by Alex’s experience and skill at executive search and dedication to the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.Our new name JacksonGrant is a celebration of Richard and Alex’s collaboration and the combination of their strengths.How becoming JacksonGrant helps our teamBecoming JacksonGrant will help to strengthen our team of talented and passionate recruiters by giving them the tools and opportunities to work hard for our clients and candidates. Our focus will be on:• Developing internal talent and creating a team of leaders• Creating a collaborative culture where we learn from each other• Working with leading clients in the Thai technical industry space• Bringing the best service possible to candidates and clientsHow our new name benefits you, our clients and customersFor our valued clients, both new and old, we will be well placed to provide:• Better services to help build out your leadership and executive teams• Better penetration in the Thai labour market for niche hiring• Better ideas about improving retention during talent shortage• Better technology and out-of-the-box thinking for your hiring strategies• Our customised, integrated RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) which blended combines elements of RPO, Project Recruitment and Executive Search for unparalleled results and cost savingsAnd for our candidates, we will continue to aim to be your life-long recruitment partner, with our attention focussed on: • Ensuring you have access to great career paths with leading employers and the opportunities to develop your skills and experience.• Finding roles that fulfil your goals and ambitions as well as providing excellent organisational fit• Providing exceptional guidance and advice at every stage of the recruitment journey, including salary advice, career goalsetting and CV and interview support.Enjoy our new brand and servicesIf you’re ready to take your career to the next level with JacksonGrant, check out our latest roles.Or if you’re looking for outstanding hiring services, get in touch.

Do you need to upskill or recruit to meet industry 4.0?
Do you need to upskill or recruit to meet industry 4.0?

In the current drive to increase automation and digital transformation, particularly in engineering and manufacturing, a skills gap is increasing. This fourth revolution in industry, Industry 4.0, is unprecedented. According to a study by PWC, 45% of jobs in Thailand will be automated in some way and the talent shortage caused by widespread digital transformation could cost the Thai economy34 billion USD by 2030.This gives employers two options: to upskill their existing workforce, a strategy which has many benefits but can be slow. Alternatively, businesses could consider hiring new staff with experience in the required technologies who could hit the ground running, however, hiring at scale can be time consuming and costly. Successful businesses will be those that combine both strategies for a holistic solution to the talent shortage.Whichever strategy your business chooses, you’ll need a dedicated recruiting partner who understands the manufacturing and engineering sector and the technological trends that influence the skills you need. A recruiting provider like JacksonGrant can help you build a long-term strategy that will future-proof your business.Upskilling advantages and disadvantagesInvesting in your current workforce and building training and development plans for upskilling is an attractive prospect for many employers. Not only is it a cost-effective means of acquiring new skills, but it allows you to focus on obtaining only the skills and abilities you need both now and in the future.Upskilling has other benefits too. By showing commitment to your current workforce you:Reduce hiring costsImprove staff engagement and moraleReduce turnover and staff attritionAttract new talentProvide a better quality of serviceHowever, upskilling can be a slow process. Training employees up to a high standard in new skills takes time and sometimes results in pushback from staff who don’t embrace change. The other danger is that your employees become increasingly attractive to your competitors, meaning you may have to work harder to retain key employees. Recruiting advantages and disadvantagesHiring for the skills you need is a quick way to target candidates with the expertise and technical experience in the required technologies who can provide strategic insight for your business. It allows you to address skills gaps instantly and reduce pressure on your current workforce. Hiring new employees can also:Introduce new perspectivesBoost employee morale Grow your business and reach new clientsProvide support to internal training programmesTo achieve maximum success when deciding to bring new employees into your business you must ensure that your onboarding procedures are robust and capable of bringing new employees up to speed with your corporate practices, systems, and values. Hiring new employees is costly and you want to ensure you get the quickest return on your investment.Finding new talent for in-demand skills can also be a challenge, as competition is high. Many candidates may simply not possess the skillset you need. Only by providing an attractive environment to the most desirable candidates will you beat your competitors. Build a long-term strategy and meet Industry 4.0 with a recruitment partner Whether you choose to focus on upskilling, are committed to hiring for new skills or are considering a blended strategy JacksonGrant can act as your dedicated Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) partner.At JacksonGrant we focus on providing the best solutions to fulfil your recruitment needs. Combining knowledge of the manufacturing and engineering industries with experience of the Thai hiring market and the latest recruitment technology we offer adaptable, agile RaaS solutions.This unique RaaS model is sustainable and holistic, helping you integrate every aspect of your recruitment processes. From optimised hiring lead times and streamlined onboarding to increasing candidate engagement to ensure long-lasting placements. We aim to act as an extension of your business and to ensure that you are ready for whatever the future of industry in Thailand holds.Get in touch to set up a free consultation, submit a job vacancy or explore other existing content on our insights page.

The Jobs Market is Changing in Thailand! It's Time to Think About Your Next Career Move
The Jobs Market is Changing in Thailand! It's Time to Think About Your Next Career Move

Every couple of decades, the jobs market goes through a cycle where we see a massive increase in demand for skilled workers in certain industries while other sectors see the opposite effect. That is exactly the trend that we are seeing in Thailand, which we expect will continue for many years to come.Advancements in modern technology, globalisation, and various other factors are pushing Thailand’s job market into unforeseen territory. And that’s great news for you as it could be the right time to think about your next career move.In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how Thailand’s job market is changing, the reasons behind the shift, and what this means for candidates looking to enter this new jobs market.5 Factors spurring recruitment in ThailandThere are many different factors that have played a crucial role in changing the job market in Thailand. In the section below, we will take a look at the top five.Rising demand for skilled candidatesAs companies all over Thailand grow and start moving towards the digital space, the need for skilled workers to fulfil the new unique needs of these companies rises, which in turn increases the demand for skilled candidates.Bear in mind, however, that increased demand doesn’t always translate to higher compensation or better progression – or even development! Business budgets and salary bandings are often fixed but monetary compensation is not all you can gain from a career shift. Consider whether the role in question is a “Learn” or “Earn” opportunity, both have value if you go in aware of what you’re getting out of the situation.Many may be hugely tempted to go for Earn rather than learn. However, skipping over an opportunity that offers you an investment in your skills and personal development for a higher wage package can mean pressure to deliver straight away. It is usually a safer option to look for those employers that want to put time and effort into your skills and growth and understand that everyone is on a learning curve.If you’re current role doesn’t offer any opportunity for growth, consider reaching out to a specialist recruiter like JacksonGrant who can help you identify and reach out to employers who have a culture of investment in their employee’s personal development. Increased interest from overseas businesses to set up in ThailandConnected to the point above, increased interest from overseas businesses to set up a manufacturing base or satellite office in Thailand has also increased the demand for skilled candidates. Organisations from the EU, US and UK are particularly interested in the wealth of manufacturing opportunities Thailand has to offer. This is great news for individuals that are skilled and experienced in the manufacturing industries who also have exceptional English language skills, as employers are keen on sourcing these skills.The unstoppable rise of digitalisationThe current jobs market is seeing a big shift into the digital world. Digitalisation has allowed skilled professionals from Thailand not only to work remotely for businesses in Thailand, but to also work for international clients from all over the world.This is arguably the biggest benefit to skilled candidates as they have a much wider choice for employment and are not restricted to their own town or city.Prioritisation of English and IT skillsAlong with digitalisation comes globalisation. The current Thai jobs market is focused on two main skills: English proficiency and IT. With the rise of technology, skilled IT workers are a huge priority for companies. Technological integration is a top priority for modern companies, which is why skilled IT professionals are a must-have for many different industries.And as we have already mentioned, companies are prioritising candidates with good English skills. Communication is key in this day and age, and employees need to be able to communicate with people in English since it’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.Candidates with in-demand skills might find it difficult to filter through large numbers of job roles to find those which are most relevant to them and their desired career path. This is where JacksonGrant’s specialist consultants can be vital in matching you with roles that suit your skills and experience and that offer you the next step in your career progression.Fluctuating unemployment for different age groups and sectorsTypically, mass fluctuation in employment rates for different age groups and sectors is very rare. However, that is exactly what we are seeing in Thailand, which has had a massive impact on the current job market.Such events typically happen in the event of global crisis, where businesses must remain shut, which forces workers from many different age groups and sectors out of work. We saw such a scenario during the pandemic, but other scenarios that can force such an event would be an economic crash and other unforeseen circumstances.What does this mean for candidates looking for a job in Thailand?A changing job market can be scary, but it can actually be a great opportunity - especially for workers that possess those in-demand skills. When the job market changes, it gives people the opportunity to adjust their plans and skills to better fit the market . That way, they have a higher chance of landing in-demand jobs that offer better pay and employment benefits.There’s no better time than now to start exploring the market for new opportunities and make a change in your career. Aside from the evolving job market, there are many modern technological advancements that make it easier for you to find a job in a new industry or even work for an employer from an entirely different country to Thailand.Find your next job in the technical industries with JacksonGrantAre you ready to take advantage of the current market and find your next role in the technical industries? Maybe you're looking to take on more responsibility and progress your career?There are many reasons to consider looking for a new job, why not check out our most recent vacancies and start your journey?Find your new role today.

What’s the secret to JacskonGrant’s success? Alex Grant explains
What’s the secret to JacskonGrant’s success? Alex Grant explains

RLC,now known as JacksonGrant, was named the Outstanding Small Company of 2022 at the BCCT King Power Thailand Business Awards (TIBA) last month. It’s the second significant accolade RLC has received this year: In September the agency won the Best in Client Service Award (Asia) at Vincere’s Vinny Awards. Why has JacksonGrant been receiving so much recognition lately? JacksonGrant’s Brand & Marketing Executive Chanuchida ‘Cook-Kik’ Korranut interviews Alexander Grant, Director of Recruitment Operations, to learn more about how the agency manages to punch above its weight and stay on top of an increasingly challenging marketplace.COOK Kik: Were you surprised that we won the BCCT award?Alex Grant: Yes. There was a lot of competition, and a lot of innovative companies nominated, so it came as a huge surprise. Perhaps it shouldn’t have come as such a great surprise, because this is 2nd prize we’ve won this year, along with Best in Client Service from Vincere. In any case, it is a big honour to be named the Most Outstanding Small Business in all of Thailand.I think these accolades & recognition are down to the fact that we continuously try to provide innovative solutions in recruitment, during a time when the industry is becoming increasingly transactional.A lot of companies are mainly engaged in CV-farming, whereas we develop relationships with candidates and clients on a personal level; we build deeper, long-lasting ties with the people we work with.In essence, we make an effort to go the extra mile to serve clients and job-seekers alike.Cook Kik: What are some of the innovations that JacksonGrant has introduced? Alex: We are now providing Recruitment as a Service [RaaS]; it’s a game-changer.The benefits include massive cost savings for clients, easy-to-forecast billing, an affordable monthly subscription plan, time-saving, integrated expertise, and dedicated client support.We’ve also introduced new technologies, such as our BI dashboards, which provide comprehensive data and additional insights for our clients on their end-to-end hiring timeline.By working in partnership, rather than on a contingency basis, we are providing more than just a recruitment service. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, we are building client algorithms … this means that the more we search, the better the results become.Cook-Kik:Why is Raas better than the traditional contingency recruitment model?Alex:The traditional model has a service rate, or success fee of 18-25%. On average, with contingent recruitment, only 20% of the jobs that consultants work on are successfully placed. This means that consultants will, on average, waste 80% of their time on non-billing activities under the contingency model. They are more likely to move onto another job before finding a solution for the client. With contingency recruiting, the client is often left unsatisfied, with their much-needed position remaining unfilled. Recruiting consultants naturally give up on a search after a period of time, because there is no incentive to push on and solve the problem. It becomes a function of diminishing returns for their labour.With RaaS, our consultants are motivated to push through the barriers that are inherent with contingency recruiting: there’s no wasted time. Cook Kik:Can you give an example of how RaaS works in practice?Alex:Sure. One of our clients recently had six positions remain open for 15 months. During that time, they advertised extensively online, but failed to find matching candidates. They gave these positions to multiple recruitment agencies; they all failed to fill the positions. Then they came to us and signed up for RaaS. We faced the same challenges that others faced; however, we conducted a deeper analysis into why the candidates weren’t matching. We determined that the seniority levels were incorrect, and the job descriptions did not precisely match with the work each position entailed. We have managed to place five out of those six vacancies in three months. And we haven’t given up on the sixth.Cook-Kik:How was JacksonGrant able to achieve in 3 months what several other agencies could not in more than one year?Alex:Our subscription model truly enhances our ability to find the right candidates.We’ve put in a tremendous amount of legwork over the past 10 years, and now we – and our clients –are reaping the rewards of the relationships we’ve cultivated. JacksonGrant consultants develop detailed talent maps that reach all the way from junior positions to the senior executive level.People whom we placed in junior to mid-level jobs five years ago are now running entire country operations or leading regional divisions; we know where they are at and where they came from, they are our friends. We helped them get to where they are today. This is why our network is so powerful, and why we continue to get results when others fail.Cook-Kik:How does the special technology you mentioned help with RaaS?Alex:In past we had to do a lot of manual research. Now, by using advanced tech and algorithms, and Boolean searches, it drastically reduces the time it takes to do these things.With this mapping technology, and deep experience with consulting, our clients are able to get more well-rounded advice based on facts and less on conjecture … our analytics are data-driven, not emotional, not someone’s opinion. It gives us more time to spend on what’s more important, which are namely our candidates and the clients. Cook Kik:What do you have planned to stay ahead of the pack in 2023?Alex:We will expand our RaaS service, we will scale back our rec-tech [contingency] efforts, and we will strengthen our executive search division.We anticipate a lot of activity in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Supply Chain in the coming year. A lot of our focus will be on these sectors. We also will continue to invest in the latest recruitment technology software to stay ahead of the curve – at no extra cost to our clients.


Supporting Our Clients' Future

Our team of expert consultants are keen promoters of equality, diversity & inclusion in the workplace and offer our client partners support with ED&I enquiries and work closely with them to provide bespoke ED&I solutions and services to help them meet their commitments. Through our expertise we help our clients attract and retain diverse talent at every level of their organisation, creating a diversity of thought and approach that will succeed as the technical industries continue to evolve.

DB Schenker
Rhenus Logistics
Schneider Electric

Providing Confidence for
Our Candidates

Candidates can be confident that they will be treated fairly and with respect. We shortlist professionals based on their skills and competencies and in alignment with each individual role's job description and role requirements, creating a fairer world and an equal playing field. At JacksonGrant we strive to attract diverse applicants and to support and strengthen the communities in which we live and do business.

Rhenus Logistics Co., Ltd.

JacksonGrant understands the logistics business. The company’s excellent network and consultative approach has ensured it is a vital business partner for our growth in Thailand & SE Asia. JacksonGrant’s groundbreaking RaaS solution has revolutionised our talent acquisition strategy. Having ongoing access to the full range of the JacksonGrant team’s experience means we can always get the right solution.

East-West Seed International Limited

I have been working with JacksonGrant both as a candidate and a client.

JacksonGrant has a distinctive approach to executive search: they strive to understand both the client’s and candidates’ cultures, expectations and motivations by establishing a close personal relationship with all parties. JacksonGrant genuinely cares for a mutually beneficial outcome. Besides, I was personally always impressed by the follow up post placement. I warmly recommend JacksonGrant as a very reliable and professional partner in executive search.

Cushman & Wakefield Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Since becoming our approved recruitment partner, JacksonGrant has has consistently impressed me with their holistic approach to recruitment and HR support. The consultants are always quick to respond and their specialist understanding of our industry ensures we were able to quickly hire candidates with the right fit for our business. JacksonGrant ask the right questions and look to add value at every stage of the process.

It is my pleasure to recommend JacksonGrant to any company looking for professional recruitment support in Thailand.

Lumentum International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

As our company grows in Asia and especially in Thailand, it has been a true customer experience to work with JacksonGrant whilst going through the process of searching, filtering and appointing a senior executive.

JacksonGrant was able to quickly understand our needs very precisely, mainly because of their experience and practical understanding of the roles. We have a very successful partnership with JacksonGrant on all our professional opportunities in line with our strategy of growth.

JacksonGrant is able to take a lot of the heavy lifting from our shoulders to allow us to focus on the needs of the business in order to get the right mix of talent either locally or from their worldwide network.

As we move forward in our growth model, JacksonGrant will be in step with us, advising and supporting our challenges in executive recruitment.

Stanley Black & Decker Inc

JacksonGrant has helped Stanley Black & Decker fill several key engineering positions in Thailand over the last few years. JacksonGrant’s attention to detail, their understanding of our business needs and their access to excellent candidates has made them a key partner to the development and growth of our business.

DB Schenker

I have worked with JacksonGrant for a number of years and during this time they have successfully identified several key people for our company from middle management to executive Country & Cluster leadership

As one of the leading global logistics providers, we require employees with a combination of multicultural skillsets, languages and attitudes. JacksonGrant’s network of local Thai and expatriate logistics professionals in SE Asia is exceptional and allows them to access candidates with specific technical skillsets when required. They are experts in their field and this market knowledge empowers their recruitment support.

JacksonGrant has a very personal and friendly approach to business and offer a supportive, motivating and highly professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others looking for recruitment support.

Datapath Ltd

We have worked with JacksonGrant for recruiting senior sales roles to cover Southeast Asia, our engagements are always smoothly and successfully executed.

On each occasion, JacksonGrant impressed us with their responsiveness, professionalism, speed, pragmatism, transparency, and general ‘ease of working together’ throughout the process – from understanding our business and our target candidate profile, identifying and introducing appropriate candidates, arranging interviews and ‘backchannel’ liaising with candidates, and appropriately advising on expectations and next best steps. 

I would not hesitate to work with JacksonGrant for any future recruitment needs, and can confidently recommend JacksonGrant to anyone seeking recruitment services in the region.

KSB Pumps CO. Ltd.

I have worked with JacksonGrant for over eight years, whilst leading two different technology companies. Throughout this time, JacksonGrant has demonstrated experience and domain knowledge from support staff to front line technical and commercial leadership. We look forward to continuing a long-term partnership with JacksonGrant.

Diversey Holdings, Ltd.

When operating in the Thailand job market with 0.5% unemployment rates and millennials dominating the work space, having a reliable recruitment partner is paramount to the success of any business. That’s what we found in JacksonGrant. 

JacksonGrant spent time understanding the nuances of our business and the requirements for each job and they were able to provide us with good quality candidates, almost instantly. This is especially true for mid to senior level jobs. It’s a pleasure working with this team that blossoms everyday under Richard’s leadership.

Championing Our Own Employees

At JacksonGrant we believe that every one of our employees deserves the opportunity to have their voices heard and the opportunity to make an impact. We strive to promote inclusive leadership, mentors and role models and provide ED&I training that empowers individuals and gives them a deeper understanding and increased awareness of unconscious bias.