JacksonGrant Privacy Policy

In order to allow JacksonGrant Recruitment Company Limited (“the Company”) to carry out your job application process, please carefully study this personal data policy before you provide the Company with your application information. The Company guarantees that all information shall be kept in accordance with security standards and in compliance with relevant laws.

Personal data subject to be processed

During the recruitment process, the Company may receive personal data of the job applicant directly from you according to the information on the application form, the resume, from conversation or interview. Or the Company may receive information from other persons whom you specify for the company to contact for more information. Such information may include general information about you, contact information, educational qualification information, work history, as well as information regarding your other interests or skills.

Objectives of personal data processing

All personal data of the applicant is subject to be retained, collected, used, and possibly forwarded and disclosed by the Company in order to (1) verify the identity as well as the accuracy of such personal data and various information that you provided to the Company, assess your suitability for the job you are applying for, including liaising with you during the recruitment process; and (2) to facilitate the management of your application in the event that the Company or its affiliates may have job openings suitable for you in the future.

Disclosure and forwarding of your personal data

In addition, the Company may disclose and/or forward your personal data, where necessary, to the following third parties for the benefit of completing the full recruitment process: (1) the Company’s affiliates or other related companies that may have positions suitable for you; (2) a background check provider or a third-party service provider participating in the Company’s recruitment process; and (3) other third parties to whom you have consented to the disclosure of your personal data.

Duration of personal data processing

Unless you express your intention to exercise your rights to the Company to have your personal data or documents given to the Company immediately deleted or destroyed, or the Company hires you as an employee of the Company, the Company reserves the right to retain all your personal data as long as the Company deems necessary to carry out the Company’s recruitment process. In principle, the Company shall retain your personal data for a period of 5 calendar years. After that the Company shall send an email to you to notify that the company shall immediately delete or destroy your data unless you express your intention for the Company to continue to retain such data.

Your rights as the data subject

The Company respects your rights as the data subject under the applicable laws. You can contact the Company to exercise your rights, which are the rights to request access, request a copy, request to update, request to object to the processing of personal data, request to transfer data, as well as request to delete or destroy your personal data when it becomes unnecessary. You can contact JacksonGrant Office at 026533998 or email: support@jacksongrant.io for this purpose.