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JacksonGrant, AviusULD Announce Exclusive Talent Acquisition Partnership

JacksonGrant, Thailand’s premier technical recruitment agency, is pleased to announce a new, innovative talent acquisition agreement with AviusULD: a CCE Group company, a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of unit load devices (ULDs), primarily used for air cargo.

AviusULD sets the standard for the global airline industry with durable, reliable, easy-to-use products that ensure safe flight operations. JacksonGrant is known for its market-leading, nimble, innovative, and effective approach to recruitment for multinational manufacturing, supply chain and logistics companies operating in Southeast Asia.

This new partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies. AviusULD is experiencing rapid business growth, and the aviation industry manufacturer has signed an exclusive partnership with JacksonGrant to handle all of its talent acquisition needs. 

"Working with JacksonGrant makes our life easier. They know our business inside-out. We've been using them for all of our recruitment during the past 8-9 years, so formalising this partnership was a no-brainer," says Klaus Hofmann, Chief Executive Officer at AviusULD & Group CEO of CCE Group.

AviusULD has essentially hired JacksonGrant on a long-term retainer basis. It marks a turning point in the recruitment industry, as the ambitious regional talent consulting agency continues to roll out its game-changing ‘Recruitment as a Service’ (RaaS) partnership program.

“I am delighted that AviusULD has chosen our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model of partnership," says Richard Jackson, Managing Director at JacksonGrant. “Our partners at AviusULD value the innovative, best-in-class recruitment consultancy that JacksonGrant provides to our clients. It is time for traditional recruitment to evolve, and we are leading the way by providing a holistic service that adds value at every stage of the talent acquisition process.”

RaaS is the natural evolution of traditional RPO – Recruitment Project Outsourcing. An RPO contract will typically embed a recruiter with a corporate client to fill a fixed number of positions on a short-term basis.

“In the recruitment business, RPO is an immediate problem-solver. The agency may provide some analytics, but it’s generally not a comprehensive service. RPO traditionally is one-dimensional. Once the contracted hires are made, the contractual relationship is over, says Jackson.

“As an ambitious, yet niche, innovation company, Avius, needs to attract and hire the best talent to unlock their exciting business plans. The company was therefore looking for a more comprehensive talent strategy,” Jackson explains. “JacksonGrant’s unique Raas model addresses the entire talent pipeline. Effective consultancy begins long before we start sorting through resumes. Clients benefit from a more meaningful recruiting partnership that addresses long-term business strategy & hiring needs, succession planning, training, EVP (Employee Value Proposition), how to stand out as an employer of choice – traditional recruitment doesn’t support all that. With RaaS, both parties are committed to a long-term partnership, which means our team can focus on building a sustainable talent pipeline for AviusULD’s future success.”

"At AviusULD, we always set high standards and find innovative ways to develop business partnerships, so the flexibility of this new agreement works really well for us.,” Hofmann says. “We now have access to the capabilities of the entire JacksonGrant team. They always deliver, so we're looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership together."

Known for manufacturing innovation, AviusULD relies on recruiting the best, most agile talent to achieve ambitious business objectives. AviusULD’s progressive leadership recognise the myriad benefits of JacksonGrant’s unique, disruptive RaaS approach. Key advantages include: lower hiring costs, better quality of hires, higher retention rates, customised recruitment strategies, access to cutting-edge analytical tools, and the ability to scale according to specific needs.

To learn more about JacksonGrant’s Recruitment as a Service model, and this groundbreaking partnership, please contact:

About CCE Group

Led by Group CEO, Klaus Hofmann, with $150m revenues in 2023, CCE Group is an aerospace platform focusing on the development of companies with leadership positions in niche markets of the Cabin & Cargo equipment space. Headquartered in France, CCE Group employs more than 1,300 people globally. CCE Group was created in 2023 with the acquisition of AviusULD & Driessen.

About AviusULD

A leading manufacturer of Unit Load Devices (“ULDs”). ULDs are containers or pallets used to efficiently load luggage and freight into passenger and cargo aircraft, enabling forecasting and planning of the aircraft’s weight and balance. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Cargo activity has more than 350 employees globally. The company develops a comprehensive range of high-quality and innovative products for airlines and shipping companies.