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Revolutionising Talent Acquisition: The Advantages of Recruitment-as-a-Service

Is your traditional recruitment model  failing to help you source the candidates and skills you need for success? Maybe the skills you are hiring for are changing - 53% of business leaders are expanding into new markets requiring new skills and expertise. Or perhaps, like 28% of Thai businesses, you are looking to expand your workforce this year? 

Enter Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS), a transformative concept that offers a tailored solution to these challenges. JacksonGrant’s RaaS solution is an exclusive partnership that offers a holistic and comprehensive talent acquisition strategy, personalised to your unique needs. 

Our Recruitment-as-a-Service solution provides our partners with a fully embedded talent solution that provides more efficient, cost-effective talent acquisition. In fact, our clients have saved 50%+ on existing recruitment support, reduced time-to-fill to less than 20 days and increased stick rates to over 85%. All while receiving strategic talent acquisition support and market mapping designed to build sustainable talent pools.

What is Recruitment-as-a-Service?

JacksonGrant’s Recruitment-as-a-Service model combines elements of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Project Recruitment and Executive Search. This means we not only provide all the services outsourcing your recruitment would be expected to provide – sourcing and assessing applicants, managing the interview process, and communicating with successful candidates – but we use our expertise and tech stack to create a long-term recruitment strategy that supports your business into the future. You’ll also receive: 

  •  A dedicated account manager to provide strategic input
  •  Access to a team of recruiters 100% focused on your requirements
  •  Flexible KPIs based on your needs
  •  Customisable commercial terms and fee structures
  • Regular review meetings for feedback
  • Data analytics pinpointing areas for improvement

We always seek to integrate our industry insights, market know-how and best practice with analytics that make your hiring more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Meaning you can always find the talent you need. 

6 Advantages Recruitment-as-a-Service can bring to your business 

Simply sourcing and attracting talent is only one benefit of RaaS. This innovative recruitment model can bring other advantages too, such as:

1.    Cost reduction
When partnering with a RaaS provider, you benefit from a more efficient and streamlined hiring process. Dedicated recruiters work exclusively on your talent acquisition needs, ensuring a concentrated effort to find the best-fit candidates. This eliminates the need to engage multiple agencies or maintain an in-house recruitment team, both of which can be costly endeavours. As a result, RaaS not only minimises the expenses associated with various recruitment methods but also maximizes your return on investment by efficiently securing top talent.

2.    Time savings
With exclusive focus on your talent acquisition needs, RaaS providers can quickly source, screen, and onboard candidates, effectively shortening the time-to-hire. This agility is especially valuable for filling critical roles promptly, ensuring that your organisation can adapt to changing market demands, capitalise on growth opportunities, and maintain optimal staffing levels. Ultimately, RaaS empowers your business with the efficiency needed to secure talent without unnecessary delays, make you more agile and competitive in your industry.

3.    Scalability
Whether you find yourself in a growth phase, requiring rapid expansion of your workforce, or facing the need for downsizing due to market fluctuations, a RaaS partnership can seamlessly adapt to meet your evolving staffing needs. This adaptability is a game-changer, as it allows you to respond quickly to changing market conditions without the headache of reconfiguring your recruitment strategy or engaging in lengthy hiring processes. With RaaS, you can efficiently scale your recruitment efforts up or down as required, ensuring that your workforce remains agile and perfectly aligned with your business goals.

4.    Better quality of hire
Because RaaS providers meticulously tailor their candidate searches to align with the unique culture, values, and specific requirements of your business you receive a pool of candidates who not only possess the right technical skills but also exhibit a strong cultural fit, driving higher employee retention rates and overall job satisfaction. This personalised approach to recruitment alongside the screening processes used ensures that candidates are thoroughly vetted, leading to better-quality employees who will positively impact company performance and long-term success.

5.    Access to expertise 
Collaborating with a Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) provider opens the door to a wealth of recruitment expertise and cutting-edge technology. Seasoned recruiters with an in-depth understanding of your industry's unique talent landscape are more successful in identifying and attracting candidates who not only meet your technical requirements but also align seamlessly with your company culture. At JacksonGrant we are also able to leverage advanced recruitment technologies, from AI-driven applicant tracking systems to data analytics tools, to enhance the efficiency and precision of your hiring process.

6.    Focus on core competencies
Entrusting talent acquisition to RaaS expert allows your HR team to redirect their energy and time towards critical areas like employee development and retention. This strategic shift not only enhances the overall effectiveness of your organisation but also enables your business to concentrate on its core competencies, whether that's innovating products, improving customer service, or expanding into new markets. In doing so, you optimise your operational efficiency and achieve a competitive edge, as your dedicated RaaS partner handles your talent acquisition with precision.

The benefits of reduced costs, time savings, scalability, specialised expertise, and enhanced quality of hire paint a compelling picture for businesses seeking to stay competitive in Thailand’s competitive talent acquisition market. As the demands for top-quality talent continue to grow, partnering with a dedicated RaaS provider can be a strategic game-changer. It not only streamlines the recruitment process but also empowers you to focus on your core strategic functions. To thrive in the ever-competitive marketplace, consider JacksonGrant as your trusted talent acquisition partner. Embrace the future of recruitment and unlock your organisation's potential for growth and success.

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