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Looking for RPO services in Thailand? Try out RaaS

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO recruitment is a popular recruiting model designed to help companies streamline their hiring process and improve the quality of their hires. RPO involves outsourcing some or all aspects of recruitment to a third-party provider who acts as an extension of your internal recruitment team. This can include sourcing and attracting candidates, screening and assessing them, and coordinating interviews and job offers for entire teams, departments, offices or locations. 

JacksonGrant’s Recruitment as a Service model (RaaS) takes the best elements of RPO and combines it with the essentials from other recruitment models, such as Project Recruitment and Executive Search. This means you are able to access a fully integrated, sustainable and holistic talent acquisition solution which can be customised to suit your business.

What is RPO recruitment and why use an RPO service?

RPO providers use their expertise and technology to create a bespoke recruitment strategy that aligns with your unique business goals. By outsourcing recruitment, you can save time and resources, reduce recruitment costs, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process. Helping you attract the best talent for your organisation at speed and scale.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can:

1. Lower hiring costs
RPO can lower hiring costs in several ways. RPO providers use their industry expertise and access to recruitment technology to optimise recruitment processes, reducing the time and resources required to source, screen, and assess candidates. You can even reduce advertising and sourcing costs by tapping into an RPO service provider’s knowledge of the best recruitment channels for your needs.

Additionally, RPO providers can leverage their network and database to attract and connect with high-quality candidates, reducing the need for expensive external recruiting resources.


2. Improve quality of hire
Developing a customised recruitment strategy aligned to your business’ needs, goals and culture alongside the ability to attract and screen candidates more effectively ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented for consideration.


3. Scale easily
Because RPO models are flexible they can be scaled and adapted easily to meet your recruitment needs, respond to changes in demand or improve your access to specialised expertise. RPO providers can ramp up or down their recruitment efforts as needed meaning you are only ever paying for the support you really need.


4. Provide better reporting and analytics
By leveraging technology to capture and analyse recruitment data, RPO providers can give you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your hiring process. The data collected can include metrics such as time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and quality-of-hire.

RPO providers use this data to identify areas for improvement, optimise recruitment processes, and help you make data-driven decisions about your recruitment strategy. By providing better reporting and analytics, RPOs can help you continuously improve your recruitment efforts and achieve better hiring outcomes.

Unlike other RPO recruitment agencies, JacksonGrant's unique RaaS model helps you integrate all aspects of your recruitment process. Resulting in high rates of candidate engagement, optimised lead times and long-lasting placements, all whilst keeping your recruitment costs low.

How can RPO benefit the Thai employment economy?

Alongside improving hire quality and reducing costs, RPO recruitment brings other benefits to companies operating in Thailand that can not only improve their operating success but strengthen the Thai employment economy as a whole. RPO can contribute to:

  • Retaining valuable skills and experience in the workforce
    Providing a positive candidate experience, developing a strong employer brand, and ensuring candidates with the right cultural fit are hired improves employee engagement, job satisfaction and retention. Meaning that the risk of valuable skills and experience leaving the business, industry or the workforce is reduced. RPO providers can also help end-clients develop effective onboarding and retention programs to further support employee retention.


  • Increasing the labour force participation of underrepresented groups
    Developing targeted recruitment strategies that focus on diversity and inclusion and on attracting and screening candidates from diverse backgrounds, ensures the candidate pool is representative of the broader population. RPO providers can help businesses develop policies and practices that support diversity and inclusion, creating a more welcoming and inclusive workplace culture that encourages underrepresented groups, such as women, to apply for and remain in positions.


  • Supporting fast expansion
    By providing the recruitment resources and expertise to rapidly scale up hiring efforts, RPO can help organisations quickly fill critical roles, expand their workforce, and enter new markets, enabling them to capitalise on growth opportunities and stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.


  • Accessing local talent
    Hiring local talent can help businesses save costs associated with relocation, can speed up onboarding and increase employee engagement by fostering a sense of community. Most crucially, it gives you access to much-needed local knowledge and expertise. An RPO provider with experience in the Thai employment market can help you attract and retain local talent.


  • Complying with local regulations
    That local experience and understanding can also help you comply with local employment laws and regulations. Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid legal issues, fines, and reputational damage. RPO providers can help businesses navigate complex regulatory environments and ensure that recruitment processes are compliant with local laws and regulations, mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.


Outsource your recruitment with JacksonGrant’s RaaS model

Whether you are based in Thailand or are an international entity looking to break into the Thai engineering and technical markets, outsourcing your recruitment to JacksonGrant has never been easier or more effective.

As Thailand's leading engineering and technical recruitment agency, we can support your expansion into Thailand and Southeast Asia and help you hire experienced, technically proficient, English-speaking candidates.

Our distinctive Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model means you always have access to a bespoke, cost-effective strategy that achieves the right outcomes for your business and can adapt quickly and easily to your changing goals and the fast-paced global market.

Learn more about JacksonGrant’s unique RaaS service offering or get in touch to discuss your requirements.