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10 signs you need an RPO partner

Are you an employer in Thailand struggling to free up sufficient internal talent acquisition or HR resources to support your long-term recruitment requirements? This can lead to recruitment challenges such as high turnover, difficulty in finding qualified candidates, compliance issues, and time-consuming hiring processes. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Many employers in Thailand face these common problems, which can hinder their ability to attract and retain top talent, and ultimately impact their business performance. However, there is a solution - Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing works

RPO is a hiring method where a third-party provider acts as an extension of a business’s internal recruitment team. An RPO partner can streamline hiring, enhance candidate quality, and manage all aspects of the hiring process at volume .

In comparison to contingent recruiters, who divide their time across multiple clients and are paid only when a candidate is successfully place in a role, RPO partners assign dedicated consultants who focus on the needs of one client over a long period of time. This makes for a more efficient and effective services.

JacksonGrant’s unique Recruitment as a Service model (RaaS) takes the best elements of RPO and combines it with aspects of Project Recruitment and Executive Search. RaaS is an integration of the full breadth of JacksonGrant’s resources, giving you access to a fully customisable, integrated, sustainable, and holistic talent acquisition solution.

In addition to identifying talent for specific roles, our team can provide up to date talent market intelligence in your sector, and strategic advisory, right up to executive search support.

Benefits of using an RPO service

Using a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service offers several benefits for employers, including:

  • Speed 
    Dedicated resources and expertise to streamline the recruitment process, resulting in faster time-to-fill for vacant positions.
  • Volume hiring
    Efficiently handle high-volume recruitment needs, such as during peak hiring seasons or for large-scale expansion plans.
  • Candidate quality
    Robust screening and assessment techniques to identify top-quality candidates who are the right fit for the organisation.
  • Strategy support
    Guidance and insights to optimise recruitment strategies, aligning them with business goals.
  • Cost-effective
    Cost-effective recruitment solutions that reduce recruitment costs and improve ROI.
  • Scalability
    Services can be easily scaled up or down based on your hiring needs, providing flexibility and adaptability.
  • Compliance expertise
    Ensure compliance with relevant labour laws and regulations.
  • Technology and innovation
    Access to cutting edge, specialist, global recruitment technology. These valuable tools are specifically designed to provide best-in-class recruitment process.
  • Access new talent pools
    Extensive networks and talent pools that increase your chances of sourcing the right candidates.

10 signs you need an RPO partner :

If RPO sounds like it might be the solution for you but you’re still unsure if the challenges you’re facing require RPO support here are ten signs that connecting with an RPO partner, like JacksonGrant, could be beneficial for your hiring:

1. You need to hire at volume 
If you have large-scale hiring needs with multiple positions to fill on a regular basis it can be difficult for smaller internal hiring teams to manage the recruitment process efficiently and effectively. Working with an RPO partner can help you generate and filter large numbers of applications and provide you with the industry experience and resources to manage large-scale recruitment campaigns. 

2. You’re having difficulty finding qualified candidates
RPO providers have access to a wider talent pool supported by specialised databases, networks, and recruitment tools. If you are struggling to find qualified candidates these tools can help identify and attract qualified candidates more effectively. 

3. Vacancies are taking a long time to fill
Long time-to-fill periods for open positions can be an indication of inefficient recruitment processes or a lack of resources. 55% of candidates believe it should take less than two weeks from first interview to job offer. If your recruitment process is longer than that you could be losing out on the best candidates. An RPO partner can streamline your recruitment process, reduce time-to-fill, and ensure that you don’t miss out on top talent due to delays.

4. You don’t have access to recruitment expertise
If your internal HR team lacks the necessary expertise in recruitment, it can result in ineffective sourcing strategies, poor candidate experience, and ultimately, subpar hiring outcomes. An RPO partner brings specialised recruitment expertise and best practices, including market insights, sourcing strategies, assessment techniques, and employer branding, which can enhance the quality of your hires.

5. Your recruitment is cost and resource heavy
Managing the recruitment process in-house can be resource-intensive and costly, involving expenses such as job postings, recruitment tools, background checks, and interview logistics. Outsourcing your recruitment process to an RPO provider can provide cost-effective solutions, as they can leverage economies of scale and optimise recruitment resources.

6.    You need your recruitment efforts to scale
If your hiring needs fluctuate seasonally or due to rapid business growth, you may need to scale your recruitment processes quickly. An RPO partner can provide the flexibility to scale up or down the recruitment process based on your organisation's needs, without the need for significant internal restructuring.

7. You’d like your talent acquisition to be more strategic 
An RPO partner can help elevate your talent acquisition function from a transactional approach to a strategic one. RPO providers can work closely with your organisation's leadership team to align recruitment strategies with business goals, create robust talent pipelines, and implement workforce planning and analytics to drive strategic talent acquisition initiatives.

8. You’re expanding into an unfamiliar geographical location
If your organisation is expanding its operations into Thailand, navigating local recruitment practices, cultural nuances, and compliance requirements can be complex. An RPO partner, such as JacksonGrant, offers local expertise that can help you effectively manage recruitment across Thailand and Southeast Asia, ensuring compliance and consistency in hiring practices.

9. You are experiencing high turnover or low retention rates
84% of Thai businesses are worried about retaining skills and expertise. High turnover or low retention rates may indicate issues in your recruitment process or candidate selection. An RPO partner can conduct thorough candidate assessments, background and reference checks to ensure that you are hiring candidates who are the right fit for your organisation, reducing turnover and improving retention rates.

10. Your focus is on core business functions
If your organisation wants to focus on its core business functions and doesn't want to allocate significant resources to manage the recruitment process internally, partnering with an RPO provider can allow you to outsource the recruitment function while maintaining focus on your core competencies.

Outsourcing your recruitment to JacksonGrant’s RaaS model

Whether you are based in Thailand or are an international entity looking to break into the Thai engineering and technical markets outsourcing your recruitment to JacksonGrant has never been easier or more effective.

As Thailand's leading engineering and technical recruitment agency, we can support your expansion into Thailand and Southeast Asia and help you hire experienced, technically proficient, English-speaking candidates.

Our distinctive Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model means you always have access to a bespoke, cost-effective strategy that achieves the right outcomes for your business and can adapt quickly and easily to your changing goals and the fast-paced global market. 

Learn more about JacksonGrant’s unique RaaS service offering or get in touch to discuss your requirements.