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What should you expect from a Recruiter? And what should a Recruiter expect from you?

I have made my career in recruitment and it makes me very happy to see that the days of mass transactional recruitment appear to be almost over. We are returning to an environment where a proper consultative approach and genuine industry expertise are appreciated by both companies and candidates.

So, as a potential candidate, what are the things you should look for from a recruiter? Your recruiter should be someone you can trust to genuinely help you make a considered and massively important decision – developing your career.

Your recruiter should have a decent understanding of your industry sector and/or job function and they should have a profile that ensures they “know the market.”

It is much more common for a recruiter to contact you with a specific opportunity in mind; it’s not so common for them to reach out just to get acquainted.

I recommend establishing a relationship with one or two recruiters whom you value and trust. A trusted recruiter can provide invaluable advice on how to improve your current job situation – which often is the right step for your career a lot of the time. “I think you should stay in your current job” is not something we hear often enough from recruiters.

Your recruiter should evaluate your CV and “matchability” to a specific position. But they should also take the time to explore your feelings, career goals, and outlook in your life as a whole. If you do not trust your recruiter to “add value” in this way, then you should not work with them.

When your recruiter discusses an opportunity with you, they should demonstrate that they know the company that they are representing very well. It is their client, after all: they should know the key people involved in the hiring process, know how the hiring process will proceed, and understand the company environment and culture. The recruiter should provide guidance and advice to the point where you can confidently and comfortably make an informed decision on whether to take advantage of a new opportunity.

Your recruiter should stick with you closely through the process of resignation, notice period, and onboarding in a new role. These times are really crucial to create a solid foundation for success in a new environment.

Ideally, you should like your recruiter. You should feel that there is genuine empathy during meetings and phone conversations; communication always should be clear and constructive.

What do recruiters expect from you in return?

This is a very simple answer: openness and honesty. Once you have determined that you are interested to discuss new opportunities or your career in general with a recruiter, you should openly share your thoughts and feelings. Speak candidly about your previous career decisions and how things are going in your current job. You should share information about your hobbies & interests, and let your recruiter know what’s going on in your life: the best career decisions always are made when your personal feelings and long term goals are taken into account.

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