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Tech-Driven Career Success: Using AI to Help You Find a Job

Technology is having big impacts on how we live, work, and learn. Artificial Intelligence in particular looks set to change much about the world of work from the skills employers are looking for to the kinds of jobs we do. In fact, a recent study by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Chulalongkorn Business School has found that demand for AI led roles will increase as much as 30% by 2027. But AI isn’t just changing what employers are looking for from job seekers, it's changing things for candidates too! There are multiple ways of using AI to find a job.  

Don’t believe us? Let’s explore the benefits of AI for job seekers and look at some tools you can use to make your job search more successful.

Why You Should Use AI to Apply For Jobs 

AI can be a great too for helping you find jobs that match your expectations and career goals, as well as making your job search less stressful. When you use AI to apply for jobs you can: 

  • Apply for a larger number of roles 

    With AI helping you find roles and fill out applications you can apply for more jobs than you would on your own, broadening your reach. 
  • Fill out applications faster 

    Because AI automates repetitive tasks, like writing emails, filling out application forms and writing and editing your CV you can save valuable time that you can use for other tasks like interview prep and networking.  
  • Find job listings that are tailored to your skills and aspirations 

    Using AI you can search job boards for roles that match your skills, experience, and career development goals. 
  • Get your CV noticed by hiring managers  

    Then when you’ve found the roles you are looking for, you can use AI to include keywords from the job adverts in your application, making it more likely to catch an employer’s eye. 

As with all new tools and tech, when you are using AI to find a job it’s important to be mindful of its limitations as well. It’s important not to over-rely on AI as it can make your applications sound impersonal, and it can limit the opportunities you encounter. AI should be used alongside other job search strategies for best results!

JacksonGrant’s 5 Best AI Tools For Job Seekers 

There are multiple ways AI tools can be used to help support your job search, helping you find roles that match your skills and experience faster and ensuring you are more successful at every stage of the hiring process. Here are our top tools for using AI to find a job: 

  1. Improve Your CV

    One of the most common pieces of job-hunting advice is to tailor your CV for every role, which can be time consuming especially if you are applying for lots of jobs. Luckily AI can do the hard work for you. Using generative AI tools you can analyse your CV, get suggestions for improvements, and even identify keywords and phrases relevant to your target job, improving the chances of getting through to an interview.

    JacksonGrant’s recommended CV analyser is Jobscan.
  2. Get Personalised Job Recommendations

    Save yourself some scrolling and use AI-driven job platforms that review hundreds of job postings and recommend those that match your skills, experience, and preferences. These platforms use machine learning algorithms to match your profile with relevant job opportunities. You can even filter by things like benefits, values, and cultural fit. 
  3. Prepare For Your Interview 

    Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience even if you are a confident speaker. AI interview preparation tools that simulate real interview scenarios can help you practice and have answers ready for those tough questions. They do this by looking at your responses, giving feedback, and valuable insights on your communication style and interview skills. 

    JacksonGrant’s recommended AI interview preparation tool is Google Interview Warmup.
  4. Network More Effectively

    As well as using AI to find a job opening, you can also use AI tools to improve your networking, increasing the likelihood of being recommended for roles in the future. There are over 277 million LinkedIn users in the Asia-Pacific region alone. AI can suggest the profiles of people you should connect with based on your shared interests, industries, or career paths. They can even automate other aspects of networking like crafting connection requests, scheduling meetings or following up with contacts.

    JacksonGrant’s recommended AI networking tool is this GPT for Google Sheets add on that can create personalised outreach emails in bulk.  
  5. Improve Your Skills

    Want to know what areas you can work on to land your dream role? AI can be used to assess your current skill set and give advice on areas for improvement based on current market trends and job requirements. These tools may even suggest online courses, certifications, or training programs to help you stay competitive in your industry and target job market. 

    JacksonGrant’s recommended AI skill builder is Practica

Using AI to find a job can really make a difference. It helps speed up the application process, gives personalised job suggestions, and overall improves your job search. By staying informed and being careful, you can make the most out of AI tools for a smoother job search. Embracing technology in your job hunt is not just a trend but a smart way to navigate the changing job market. So, consider exploring AI tools to boost your chances of finding the right job effectively.

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