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Is Your CV Strong Enough to Secure Your Next Role? How to Improve Your CV

Digital transformations and changes to the way businesses work across Thailand have deeply affected the skills and competencies employers are on the hunt for in candidates. Employers are looking for highly-skilled candidates with technical skills and competencies but what those technical skills involve is changing. Looking beyond technical ability, to be a top candidate you should also be demonstrating in-demand soft skills, emotional intelligence and inter-cultural sensitivity, to boost your resume.

In-demand skills to boost your resume

Future employers in the technical, engineering, manufacturing and logistics sectors in Thailand are looking for highly-motivated candidates with leadership abilities and a creative mindset. As a candidate, you need to be a well-rounded individual who not only has excellent technical ability but possesses strong soft skills too. 

Here are five of the top in-demand skills sought by employers in the current market you should be demonstrating :

1. Leadership skills

Having leadership ability is crucial if you are looking for senior level roles, however, they are also highly sought after by employers whatever your role. Employers are looking for individuals at every level who lead by example, foster a sense of community culture and are inspired by the company vision.

There are leadership resources available, such as books and online courses, but you can take steps in your current role to practice your leadership skills. Put yourself forward to lead a project, find a leadership mentor, and practice active listening and problem solving.

2. Intercultural intelligence 

Employers in the engineering and technical industries in Thailand are generally looking for candidates with a good, demonstrable English skills, particularly business English at senior levels to help to facilitate overseas business. But beyond an understanding of English top candidates demonstrating inter-cultural intelligence and empathy skills will be highly sought after. 

Intercultural intelligence is the ability to bridge cultural divides and avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications that may affect business outcomes. High levels of intercultural intelligence and empathy are crucial in today’s global business world. You can demonstrate intercultural intelligence to employers by discussing times you have worked cross-culturally and your experiences of other cultures.

3. Self-motivation

Employers want candidates who are proven self-starters, who are passionate, motivated to take on tasks and who are willing to invest time in their own development. You can show this by being proactive in seeking out challenges and anticipating important tasks as well as demonstrating that you have independently worked on your skills.

4. Innovation & creativity 

Businesses across the technological and manufacturing sectors are seeking candidates who can solve problems creatively and come up with innovative products and solutions. Broaden your knowledge, analyse products and applications you interact with daily and brainstorm solutions and ideas to improve them.

5. Unlearning!

In the modern business world change is rapid. Whether it is changes to market conditions, unforeseen global events or technological advances our skills can rapidly become outdated and replaced with new ways of working. Top candidates need to demonstrate that they are aware of advancements, keep on top of trends and have the ability to manage rapid transitions and new methodologies.

You can show this in your CV by giving examples of new skills you have developed, that you are aware of industry trends and are active in your community and that you have experience of managing change and keeping teams aligned and moving forward in your current role.

How to improve a CV

But how can you identify any areas where you need to upskill to ensure that you have the skills employers want? And how can you make sure your skills and abilities come across to hiring managers and employers?

Take the following steps to ensure you have the skills employers want and that those skills are showcased in an eye-catching CV:

  • Compare your current skills against industry requirements

Take a quick look at the descriptions and requirements for jobs similar to your current role, or for your dream position, and compare what employers are looking for with your skill set. You can also look at industry trends to see what skills will be in demand going forward. This will show you what skills you already have, any areas need to focus on and give you a benchmark of excellence to work towards.

  • Identify areas you can upskill in

Once you know what skills are in high demand in your industry and where your current skills are sitting, you can prioritise areas you want to work on. You may not have the time or resources to address every skill at once but choose one or two to focus on.

  • Customize your CV based on the job description 

It may seem time consuming to adjust your CV for every application you submit. But taking the time to pick out key phrases, competencies and power words from the job description will help your CV stand out and show you fully understand what the employer is looking for and how you fit that brief.

  • Summarize your skills and key accomplishments

The average hiring manager spends 6-7 seconds looking at a resume. That’s right, seconds! This means you must get their attention quickly. Start your CV with a quick summary of your skills, technical abilities, and accomplishments to grab their attention. Make sure that you put any skills and keywords from the job description here too.

  • Focus on results

Don’t just list responsibilities. Emphasise your successes with quantifiable results and data. For example: Led a team of ten employees and implemented new work management software that led to an increase in efficiency and a 20% increase in sales revenue.  

  • Highlight your personal development

Focus on what you have learned from your past positions and show how you have advanced your skills and experience through self-motivated personal development. This shows your commitment to your development and willingness to learn new skills.

  • Show your industry insight and connections

Demonstrating that you are familiar with industry news, trends and changes will show employers you have industry knowledge and an interest in your sector. By showing your networking ability you show valuable communication skills.

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