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Crafting an Irresistible EVP: Attracting Top Talent in Manufacturing & Logistics

Thailand's manufacturing and logistics industries are promising areas for investment, despite a slowing economy. Global firms manufacturing products from cars to electronics, and even biotechnology, have Thailand on their radar as they seek to diversify their supply networks, thanks to its infrastructure, location and relatively low costs. This increasing competition for talent has meant that businesses need to find new ways to set themselves apart to secure the best candidates. This is where a well-crafted Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can come in. By creating an EVP that appeals to manufacturing and logistics candidates you can make your business more attractive to top talent, helping you secure the skills you need for growth.

What is an EVP and why is it important

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the unique set of attributes, benefits, and values you’re your organisation offers to its employees in exchange for their skills, contributions, and commitment. It covers everything from compensation and benefits to career development opportunities, company culture, and work-life balance.

In competitive industries like manufacturing and logistics, a tailored EVP distinguishes your company from others, making it more appealing to potential candidates but a well thought out EVP has many other benefits, including:

•    Attracting hard to find skills
By meeting the specific motivations and aspirations employees in manufacturing and logistics you can attract individuals with the skills and expertise you need. 

•    Improved retention and engagement 
When employees feel that their values align with the company's, they are more likely to stay committed and engaged.

•    Cost savings
A strong EVP can reduce recruitment costs as you'll be able to retain employees for longer periods, reducing the need for constant hiring and training.

•    Enhanced company culture
An EVP is part of your workplace culture. Crafting an EVP that aligns with the values and aspirations of your workforce, leads to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

•    Improved performance
Employees who resonate with the company's EVP are likely to be more motivated and productive, contributing positively to the company's overall performance.

Creating a compelling EVP that resonates

When thinking about creating your EVP you should consider the following:

1.    Understanding your company and your competitors
Understanding your own company and competitors is the first step in crafting an effective EVP. Identifying your unique selling points (USPs) helps you pinpoint what makes your company stand out. By recognising these strengths, you can use them in your EVP to attract top talent. Conducting a competitive analysis of competitors' EVPs allows you to identify gaps where your company can offer something unique that competitors don't, and it helps you seize opportunities to enhance your EVP. 

2.    Understanding candidate motivations
To achieve an EVP that resonates with manufacturing and logistic professionals you should start by profiling candidates to discern their career aspirations and goals. This insight enables you to build an EVP that aligns with what potential employees are seeking, whether it's career advancement, skill development, or a specific work environment. 

Alongside candidate goals you should consider external factors shaping candidate choices. Factors like economic conditions, in-demand skills, and interest from multinational corporations can significantly influence job seekers. By including responses to both you can create an EVP that not only addresses individual desires but that reflects the broader industry landscape, making it more appealing and relevant to potential hires.

3.    What makes a “good” EVP
Clear and authentic messaging is crucial for a compelling EVP. It fosters trust through honesty and transparency showing candidates what they can truly expect when working with you. Making sure your company culture matches your EVP ensures that it's not just words on paper, but a genuine reflection of your workplace, enhancing its appeal and impact. Benefits to consider include: 

o    Competitive salary and benefits packages
o    Unique perks relevant to the industry
o    Opportunities for growth and advancement
o    Training and skill development programs
o    Flexible scheduling and remote work options
o    Employee wellness initiatives

Choose those that best match your culture and candidate needs. 

4.    Communicating your EVP
There are many ways to communicate your EVP to candidates. Digital channels like your website and social media allow you to reach a broad audience, particularly tech-savvy candidates. Engaging with candidates on professional networks such as LinkedIn provides a platform for more targeted interactions within specific industries. And, by encouraging current employees to share their experiences on various platforms you can convey authenticity and relatability to potential hires. 

Involving employees in the EVP promotion process gives them a sense of ownership and enthusiasm, reinforcing the message organically within the company and making it more compelling for external audiences. This approach can help improve your recruitment and your retention. 

o    Measuring the Impact of Your EVP
Measuring the impact of your EVP is an important step. There are several metrics you can track such as:

o    Application rates and candidate quality - these metrics assess how effectively your EVP is attracting potential hires and whether they align with your desired standards

o    Employee retention rates - tracking this allows you to evaluate whether your EVP not only attracts but also retains talent

o    Feedback from candidates - offers valuable insights into how well your EVP resonates with them and where improvements are needed. 

By making enhancements based on this information, you can fine-tune your EVP, ensuring it continues to meet the evolving needs of both your organization and prospective employees, ultimately improving your recruitment efforts.

Developing your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for not only makes it easier to attract top manufacturing and logistics talent, but enhances retention, reducing recruitment costs. This tailored approach fosters a culture that resonates with employees, positively impacting performance, and overall business success. Ultimately, it positions your business as an employer of choice in these competitive markets.  

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