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How can JacksonGrant help you get a job?

Finding a new job can be time consuming and involve a lot of work. The average job search in Thailand takes around three to four months. That’s right, months! And if you are working full time whilst trying to find a new job it can be hard to find the time and energy to look through vacancies, fill out job applications and organise interviews. If you are thinking “I need help finding a job now” then you may have considered using a recruitment agency, like JacksonGrant.


However, many job seekers are reluctant to use recruiters, either because they don’t know how to find a recruiter who works in their specialism, or they don’t know what services a recruiter can provide to jobseekers. Possibly they’ve used recruiters to hire before and feel uncomfortable on the other end of the process!


How do recruiter’s work?

Using a recruitment agency to find a job is simple. At JacksonGrant, we work directly with employers across Thailand in the manufacturing, logistics & supply chain, infrastructure, life sciences, and digital technology industries. This means we’re able to connect candidates quickly and easily with employers in those sectors. A recruiter is always paid by the employer, and often only when a position is filled, meaning using a recruiter won’t cost you anything. 

Once we have the details of the role the company is looking to fill, the job description, salary range, any benefits offered, the hard and soft skills needed, the start date and any other relevant information, we post the job and start reaching out to candidates who have submitted their CV to our database who we feel would be a good fit for the role.

Our consultants will always sit down with you to talk about your career goals and aspirations so we’ll only ever send you roles that match your interests, skills, experience, and industry knowledge and that will help you advance your career.

When you’ve had a chance to review the role, we will facilitate contact with the employer, set up any phone, video or face-to-face interviews needed and can even offer you advice, feedback, and support. 

Pros and cons of using a recruiter to find a job

Now you know how a recruiter like JacksonGrant works, what are the pros and cons of using a recruiter to help you find a job?

Pros of using a recruiter in your job search:

1.   They have industry expertise

Recruitment consultants often have first-hand experience of working in the industries they are recruiting for. At JacksonGrant, we have over a decade of experience working in the Thai manufacturing, engineering, and logistics sectors. This means we are aware of how they work, the current industry trends and what skills employers are looking for right now.

2.   They have extensive connections

 Large networks and connections with leading employers mean recruiters can source jobs before they hit the jobs boards. Additionally, strong relationships with employers mean recruiters can put your CV to the top of the pile. 

3.   They can help you land a role quickly

 A recruiter can help you manage your job search. If you’re applying for many roles, it can be hard to keep track of applications, interviews and whether you need to follow up. A recruiter can take care of this for you, giving you more time to polish your interview skills. Recruiters can also help target roles that you’d be perfect for, saving you from applying to large numbers of unsuitable jobs. This means finding your perfect role quickly and more efficiently. 

4.   Good ones offer CV and interview advice

 Recruiters can offer your more than just access to jobs. At JacksonGrant we offer support and guidance on how to structure your CV, how to prepare for interviews and how to make the most of your skills and experience. We’ll also offer feedback post-interview and once you land your perfect job, we’ll check in to make sure your onboarding is going well.

5.   They are genuinely invested in your success

At JacksonGrant we’re invested in your career. So, when you are ready to make that next career move, we’ll be able to provide you with support and advice. Developing an ongoing relationship with a recruiter can also be beneficial to your work if you work in HR, allowing you to transition from candidate to client.

Cons of using a recruiter:

1.   It can be hard to find the right recruiter for you

With so many recruiters operating in Thailand, it can be hard to find the right partnership for you. Don’t be afraid to do some research and ask questions to determine if a recruiter is a good fit.

2.   They might match you to a job you don’t want

Some recruiters may be more invested in meeting quotas and tailoring CVs to their clients. If you are worried that your CV will be watered down, or you’ll be pushed for roles you don’t want, remember that you can always say no to an interview.  

3.   They may try to undersell you

Poor recruiters without in-depth knowledge of your industry may undervalue your skill set. Make sure you talk to specialist recruiters, such as JacksonGrant, who know your value in the current market. 

You’re never under an obligation to work with a specific recruiter so it doesn’t hurt to ask around, do your research and work with a recruiter who is a good fit for you.

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