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Meet the Newest Member of JacksonGrant’s Management Team: Sureeporn Thumvachiraporn

To support JacksonGrant’s plans for future growth, veteran recruiter Sureeporn Thumvachiraporn – Khun Pui – has joined the agency as Director of Customer Success. With a 20-year career in recruiting, Khun Pui brings a wealth of experience to the team.

In this week’s blog, she discusses the benefits of working for a close-knit agency, and JacksonGrant’s game-changing Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) strategy.  



A New Job Title, A New Role

I joined JacksonGrant in the third quarter of 2022, in anticipation of the rebranding initiative. It was a huge career move. I left a big global consulting firm where I had worked for more than 17 years, as Associate Director of Recruitment. 

Now I am embarking on a new journey with JacksonGrant in a newly created role: Director of Customer Success. I am responsible for providing client support in day-to-day operations, strategic business growth development, and maintaining profitability. I am also the team leader for important Retail client accounts.

I feel lucky to have this new job with JacksonGrant. I am excited about managing a new team, and serving as project manager on key accounts.


Making the Move from a Giant Global Agency 

Previously in my career, I specialised in Finance, Accounting, and HR, with a global consultancy firm that has many divisions and offices throughout the world. It was a wide-ranging role that required a different kind of focus and perspective than the more personal, close-knit culture we have at JacksonGrant.

JacksonGrant is a smaller organisation, but what hasn’t changed is that I still manage a motivated team of recruitment professionals dedicated to helping our clients succeed. I am coaching junior consultants with lots of on-the-job training. It takes a lot of attention and care to build and mentor my team. I show them the best way to handle candidates and clients, ensure industry best practices are followed, and advise them how to manage different (and sometimes difficult!) personalities. 


A Refreshing Office Culture

At my old job, it was impossible to know everyone in the company.

At JacksonGrant everyone is very close, we all know each other. It’s very easy to communicate with the MD because he sits right next to me! It’s an open office environment, it does not feel like a hierarchical culture: everyone is very approachable.

When I see junior staff struggling to find a solution to a challenge, I will suggest taking a different approach, depending on the client or candidate involved. At the same time, I can freely share my opinions and expertise with our executive leadership, and I feel it is always valued and appreciated. All this makes it easier to get help and support from the team if you get stuck in a search.


More Advanced Search Technology

JacksonGrant may be a smaller agency, but we have more advanced search technology here than my previous employer. I am learning more about how technology can better support recruitment and client service.

There is more robust database support, better information available about clients and candidates, and we consistently track candidates even after they’ve been considered for a position. This helps us build more effective talent pools, giving JacksonGrant access to a wider variety and greater number of candidates. 


Recruitment as a Service (RaaS): A More Personalised & Sustainable Business Model

The main difference between JacksonGrant and bigger, global firms is the contractual relationship that we have with clients. Under the sprawling, global consultancy model, I worked strictly on contingency. JacksonGrant’s revolutionary Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) is a different type of mutually beneficial arrangement. Clients can secure an exclusive relationship with JacksonGrant for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Our team of experts work closely with each client on their account, with the aim of developing a much closer, long-term relationship. 

With an RaaS subscription, consultants can work more assuredly and harmoniously with clients. We find that greater shared mutual interest results in a more long-term, sustainable business relationship. JacksonGrant works together with our clients more like partners, in contrast to traditional headhunting agencies.

One of the main benefits of the RaaS model is the increased attention we can give to filling less high-profile roles. With a subscription, clients are assured that recruiters make a strong commitment to source small or junior roles that often are ignored by the big agencies who work on contingency. In the recruitment business, consultants at global organisations do not have much incentive to prioritise searches for lower-salaried roles. 


Junior management roles in SouthEast Asia may not pay a big salary, but these roles are crucially important for regional businesses. Because the contingency fees are fairly low for finding candidates for junior positions, headhunters at worldwide agencies often do not give these searches the attention that clients deserve. 

But with RaaS, junior roles that need to be filled are bundled together as part of a bigger subscription package that includes executive recruitment. At JacksonGrant, each and every job vacancy merits the attention of experienced recruiters.

Candidates, meanwhile, won’t notice the difference between RaaS and contingency job-hunting: they will receive the same award-winning service and personal attention as always. 

Our goal in 2023 is to encourage more clients to subscribe to our unique RaaS offering. We are confident that is the best way to ensure customer success, deliver the best results possible, and sustain a long term, mutually beneficial partnership between client and recruiter.


For more information please feel free to check out the JacksonGrant website at or reach out to our Linkedin at Jackson Grant Recruitment Co., Ltd.